About Us

Brain Trust Hub started October 30th, 2018 with the aim of giving latest news on public issues. Mission on motivation started in the year 2019.

The mission on motivating the public came as a result of the numerous blogs, websites, and media houses in Nigeria that are saddled with the responsibilities of news broadcast. The organization therefore decided concentrate on areas with little attentions such as living an inspired and motivated life style.

At Brain Trust Hub, we give information on Love affairs that can help you build your relationship and home. We also offer detailed discussions on sex. This topic has become a ‘no go area’ discussion in the environment at large. The result of such silence which leads to lack of its understanding brings ‘havoc’.

Other growing units of GeeTee Media Enterprise are Media Marketing, Graphic and Digital Designs. The satisfaction of our clients at Brain Trust Hub is our priority.

At GeeTee Media Enterprise, we have no small or big fans. Everyone is valuable to us.

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