President Buhari’s ‘Homes’ On Fire.

All is not well with any of the home fronts of President Mohammad Buhari. That is an unequivocal truth that even his most ardent supporters must acknowledge at this present time.  It will not be too far-fetched to say that the President’s houses are on fire. From Abuja to Kastina and to his political party, the APC, it is one crisis of supremacy and battle for control after the other.

In his usual silent manner, the President is neither talking nor taking decisive actions in trying to douse the inferno. Sadly, the present state of affairs in Buhari’s homes is a reflection of his general attitude to governance, laid back and laissez-faire. His handling of the widespread insecurity in the country is not firm enough according to most Nigerians. As security remains the fundamental responsibility of the government, any government that fails in securing the lives and properties of the citizens has failed. This not only about insecurity but the fires burning on multiple fronts in the President’s homes.

Over the course of this week the ruling APC has ‘had’ at least four court pronounced acting Chairmen. First it was Sen. Ajumobi, then Gaidam made his claim and others after that. The suspension of the Chairman of the party Comrade Adams Oshiomole is reaping the party apart at the seams. In the same week, the party lost a sitting Governor who defected to the main opposition PDP in Edo state.

Governor Obaseki left the APC after he was screened out by the gubernatorial primary election committee of the party. His deputy and all elected politicians of the APC are said to have crossed to the PDP in the state. All these happening in the state of the suspended party Chairman. Why did things turn out this way? Simply because President Buhari did not take the leadership role in resolving the matter. Now his political house i.e. political party is in disarray and still the President is yet to make a pronouncement on the issue. How a man’s political base can be embroiled in some much imbroglio and he won’t show any concern beggars believe.       


OJOKOLO GBOLABO (Political/Social Commentator)


Reports of gunshots fired in the Presidential villa was a stunning revelation that is hard to digest. Some social media bloggers, hardly sources of credible news, even had it that some of the security operatives involved in the melee left the scene bloodied.

What was at play in the Aso Rock that resulted in the breach of security protocols? Summarized, it was another battle for supremacy and control between the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, and a nephew of the President who also doubles as his personal Secretary.

The said nephew was alleged to have returned from Lagos and did not self-isolate, a course of action which the wife of the President thinks can endanger her husband as the personal secretary works closely with their principal. Consequently, the First lady went with her security details to force this said nephew to self-isolate himself and that was how all hell was let loose in the Presidential villa, with the reported gunshots in the seat of power.

It is unimaginable that the President can allow his domestic affairs degenerate so low as to result in shooting within his premises. To the ordinary Nigerian Buhari’s presence alone should be enough to prevent such a rancor from ensuing. Alas! That was not the case and if what is happening so close to the President in his home can be this appalling, then that is a sad commentary on his ability to secure Nigerians who are far from Aso Rock.

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For years now, the President’s home state of Kastina has been in the news for killings and kidnappings. The kidnappers were so emboldened that the Emir of the President’s Daura was abducted though later released.

After months of promises without any commensurate positive change in the security situation of Kastina, the youth of the state this week protested against the President’s handling of the matter. Such a vote of no confidence coming from ‘home’ is a course for concern. As his primary constituents and kinsmen, the norm in Nigeria was they stick with their son no matter how alarmingly and glaringly he is failing.

Now, seeing the Kastina youth break ranks shows how hot the President’s house is  burning. In the face of these cries for help from home what has the President done? Has he sacked his service chiefs? As he redeployed them? No. All the President did after five years of underwhelming performance and too many losses of lives and properties to be recounted is to tell the service chiefs that their best is not good enough and he would no longer take excuses from them. To a people living in perpetual fear of marauding bandits, blood thirsty AKA 47-gun brandishing herdsmen and fearless kidnappers, the President’s sound bite is insipid at these critical times.

PMB is a man whose homes are on fire as seen in the present state of his domestic affairs, his party crisis, Kastina’s unrelenting security predicament and by extension the widespread insecurity in Nigeria. Politics they say is 75 percent perception and 25 percent reality. The perception that a President who cannot secure his most immediate environment gives off to the people is not one of a man in charge. Such optics are bad and rightly so.

It behooves on President Buhari to as a matter of urgency put out all these infernos around him by changing his laissez -faire approach which has not worked thus far to a hands-on approach. Nigerian and Nigerians deserve a President who must be in charge. Buhari owes the people that much.

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