A Deep Thought About Life After Covid-19

A deep thought about life after covid-19 is one of the best thoughts anyone can have in a time like this. Such thought would be either to seize opportunities or maintain position as a successful man or woman.

World has been changing for years, but the kind of this present change came with its own uniqueness. This article would guide you on how you must start thinking in order to survive the changes that are very much likely to take effect and resharpen life after Covid-19.

Since the world has been on lockdown in phases, from February till now, many have been losing their jobs. Many are suffering because they could not make an income except they have contact with their customers.  

It is obviously no news that banks are sacking their employees in hundreds. Likewise, a former presidential candidate, Atiku Abubaka sacked over 400 staff of his university.

No fewer than 50 top management staff including expatriates were affected in the mass sack. Read an extracted statement in the letter sent to their mails. “The authority of this university regrets to downsize its workers due to economic constraint and inability to pay the huge wage bills on its pay roll”….. The Vanguage May 6, 2020.

The Strike of Covid-19

Cooperate organizations were caught unprepared except for few that had seen the future before now. Yet, the smart ones among them keep the company running. How? They faced the challenge and they are overcoming it gradually.

But, in the process, fresh ideas and approaches are getting introduced into the world economy system. These approaches are likely to maintain their status quo, and many would be found wanting if preparations are not made as fast as possible.

Lessons Learnt From Covid-19?

One of the greatest challenges of organization is the space where they can accommodate their staff. Lock down has informed them the unnecessary need for such concern anymore. People can work from home and at the same time get results. You might think how possible is that?

It is possible because they have been able to develop applications that monitor their staff online. Applications to monitor the activities of staff while working from home are already installed into the provided devices for staff. 

According to Derek Thompson, (The Atlantic), “The coronavirus outbreak has triggered an anxious trial run for remote work at a grand scale. What we learn in the next few months could help shape a future of work that might have been inevitable…”

Academic institutions in the developed world are standing against coronavirus global implication that nothing would change their academic calendar. Academic activities are working fine through online teachings. It was strange to many at the beginning, but people are catching up gradually.

Some software firms are getting stronger to providing great services in this direction, such as ZOOM and others. I can take a blind bet that lots are yet to come to provide similar services, probably in a better and advanced way.

Now, you can see how the world is really changing fast? A business man ones told me, learn how to study the policies of new government, and think of how you can provide solutions to the problems they want to solve. ‘Move with the pace’, he said.

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Life After Covid-19

Corporate organizations have just been able to find a way to solving the fear of space. This at the long run would reduce their cost of business which is obviously what a business man is looking for.

Education might have stopped in the developed world because of coronavirus, but everything is going on in the developed part of the world. The reasons for such differences are not far-fetched. There are enough resources; such as good internet facilities and electricity supply.

I have a feeling that education might be taking bolder step by accepting distance education. It has been in existence before but not as popular as its likely to be after covid-19.

I was a bit surprised the day I got a mail that there is a certificate for “learning how to teach online”. I browsed further, and it was discovered that some academic institutions are already making this as part of their requirements for employment.

This article is not to tell the world that there won’t be activities in offices or in classroom again, but covid19 had informed the world that there could be a better way for all. When all these new developing approaches get refined and well structured, we will all call it “development”  or “civilization”.

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