OPINION: How Buhari Destroy Nigeria

Ogunleye Afolabi, (political analyst)

The regime of  Buhari has continue to display high level of incompetence in the management of human and natural resources in Nigeria. It is no further news that this administration have ridicule the status of Nigeria in the international community both in debt and foreign policy.

Nations of the world has picture Nigeria as a weak nation with institutional fragility and systemic flaws which has been display in policy formulation and implementation of this administration.

The disjointed policy and fragmented agenda of this administration has further clarified that the regime of Muhammad Buhari lacks the vision to lead Nigeria to a greater height. Rather it has exhibit the high quality of lethargic and complacence leadership as against the admirable messianic zeal been sold to Nigerians and acceded to it by the ‘Jagabans’ prior to 2015 general election.


According to World Poverty Clock and the World Economic Forum, Nigeria is now the world headquarters for poverty. Statistic has shown that over 70% of the population lives in relative poverty and survive under $2 per day. Despite the financial assistance in form of aid and loan to Nigeria, the government has increase nation budget to #6.08 trillion for 2016, #7.26 trillion for 2017, #8.6 trillion for 2018, #8.86 trillion for 2019 and #10.33 trillion for 2020.


Considering that this government has spent over 40 trillion naira between 2016 -2020 and yet still wears the medal of the poorest nation among nations proof that this regime lack the managerial sense to sail the ship of Nigeria economy to a state of Eldorado.


The country debt profile has continued to skyrocket from $7bn in 2015 when this administration took over, to over $84bn as at January 2020. Ex president Jonathan left $2.07bn in the Excess Crude Account and $3bn in the Sovereign Wealth Fund. Today, Buhari has drained it, only $71m remains in the ECA. 

This government has plunged us into a debt that will be almost impossible to repay. Yet there is hardly anything on ground to show for this staggering debt profile.  Already, debt servicing is costing us almost half the budget with nothing left for development. Without any iota of doubt, we are running an Almajiri economy.


There has been high rate of insecurity in the country over the last 4 years of this administration and the C-IN-C has failed to address this security challenges confronting the nation. For example kidnapping which started in the south region of the country has spread up north and is manifested in places like Abuja, Kaduna, and major high ways across the nation.

Fulani headmen and cattle rustling are in abundant. Banditry is almost in all the 6 state of the North West where human beings are been killed like rat. Indeed this government does not value human life which has become nasty, brutish and short.


Statistic from the Amnesty International has shown that there is high rate of human right abuse in Nigeria which the present government has failed to address. Extra judicial killings and human violation are visible and the citizen freedom of expression are been targeted  through the introduction of Hate Speech. This bill is currently in the National Assembly and  the Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill 2019.

What you say from your mouth could lead you to death.  These actions have further shown that the “born again” military turned democrat proof that a leopard cannot change its spots.


Unfortunately, the president had been engrossed in tribal politic and nepotic governance. Under this administration it was important for any Nigerian to be northern Muslim before he could hold any strategic position. The president has brought nepotism and clannishness into the military and ancillary security agencies. He has neglect the interest of the other groups in the country to the co-religionists clansmen and woman

Democracy gives hope, life, freedom and opportunity, the clarion call on the government to enhance liberty, equality and rule of law rather than placing the nation in a crossroad and the future hung precariously in the balance. Our nation is like a ship stranded on the high sea, rudderless, with broken compass and a dying captain.


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