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How to get a stable relationship status

One of the greatest desires is to have a stable relationship status, but always turn out complicated, simply because of our carelessness.

Complicated relationship status is a trending status in this generation, and it leaves us to wonder when love becomes a complicated issue.

The world from the beginning was never created to be spent by only one person. We are meant to have companion who can share our thoughts and read our minds almost perfectly without any doubt of what we are feeling like. When we have such a companion, we say we have a soul mate, some even sound more romantic by saying my second half. Is that not emotional?

You are a very good looking lady with perfect touch on your skin as if God spent the entire time in the world to create you. Yet, you are single and no stable relationship in your world. To reveal the irony of life, many of the ‘wowo’ ladies around you are doing fine and its working well for them.

Or you are the tall, dark and handsome guy who always has ‘them’ flock around you without anything seriousness? Also to your surprise, those short and flat chest guys are getting the beautiful babes around you and they are doing well. They are becoming fathers and brother-in-laws, while you are still ‘enjoying’ the single mood around. I can take a big risk of saying it to your face how sad you sometimes feel in the corner of your room.

Let me quickly electrified your imaginations. The greatest enemy you have is yourself. Nope, I did not just mean you, but your beauty. Does that mean being beautiful is not awesome? It is definitely awesome. It’s simply a problem for you because you allowed it getting into your brain. Relationship status remain ‘complicated’

The fundamental question that has the 90% probability of solving your problem is this. You might not have noticed is a problem for you, but kindly think about it before thinking is not your problem. The question is, ‘If I am my partner, wont I have anything to complain about me?

This is our major problem when it comes to settling down with someone. We always want that perfect partner, as some will call it, ANGEL. Trust me, they exist nowhere. There is no such guy that can give you that awesome happiness without a touch of annoyance; neither can you find such a lady. We are always the imperfect people trying to be perfect.

I will be putting a pause to this shortly, but before then, let me quickly finger your brain. Take a look at your last 2, 3 relationships in the past, how awesome was each of the relationship from the beginning? A guess “Super”, you were even busy thinking of how you will be a husband with the most beautiful woman soon. But suddenly, something happened and it went off the grid. The second came and gone as the first, also the third.

What was the problem? She is too…? He is too…? She does not…? He does not…? I cannot imagine a man in my life to be this…? How come a woman I want to call my woman is…? Those and other related questions were the reasons. Truth be told, some are sometimes genuine, but the fact is simply that you expected too much from the beginning.

The beginning of these problems is always the day you started thinking about your partner’s problems as his or her problems. The truth is, her problems are never her problems, they were your problems, and that was the simple reason she needed you to be a companion. Same goes to our awesome ladies.

Are you giving up in a relationship right now or you are thinking of having a new one. know some little secretes. Expect noting from your partner. Be ready to work on him or her as that is your responsibility. Be matured enough to forgive and let go.

Let us catch up on this later. We all deserve the happiness we prayed for in the corner of our room.

A quick catch before I go… Even if you heard the voice of God before you choose, apply those secrets.


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