Human Resource Personnel, Essential Agents Of Change Towards Nation Building- CIPM

(Brain Trust Hub)The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria, CIPMN, has said its members are one of the needed agents of change towards nation building across all sectors.

This was made known on Tuesday, during its 2019 annual conference, hosted by the Osun State Chapter, Under the chairmanship of Mr. Funsho Ojo. The event was held at Centre for Black Culture and International Understanding, Osogbo.

Present in the annual conference were; Dr. Olowogboyega Oyebade, Head of Service, State of Osun, Dr. Emmanuel Ojuwuro, Manager, Bank of Industry, Osun State Office, among other speakers.

The conference was well attended by workers across sectors of the state, and beyond, as well as Royal Fathers. Students from universities, polytechnics and colleges of higher learning alongside Nigeria Corp members were present.

In the welcome address of the chairman, Mr. Funsho Ojo, he noted the fact that Nigeria is blessed with abundance of human resources and in this respect, Nigeria is not expected to be out of fresh ideas.

“There is no doubt that Nigeria is blessed with good people. But how well have we used these abundant and diverse resources to bring development to our nation?”, he said

Members of the institutions were charged to treat employees so well in order to get more and reliable services from them.

Dr. Emmanuel giving his speech encourages Human Resource Practitioners, HRP, not just to recruit, punish or transfer staff.

“HRP should not just recruit, punish or transfer staff, you are expected in this generation to know what the company you are dealing with does, and think constantly to be relevant in developing its goals”, he said.

Complimenting his speech, Mr. Monday Thompson emphasized on the value of HRP in every society.  He sees HRP as essential personnel that must be involved in organisation decision, but the value of such person determines if he will be involved in critical decision making or not.

“Good Human Resource Personnel must be outstanding in protecting the interest of his or her staff, and prove him/her self worthy of being respected by the management of the organisation”, Monday said.

Dr. Oyewole Adeoye, a consultant psychiatrist, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso addressed the nexus between mental-well being and productivity.  In his speech, he addressed the pros and cons of individual attitudes and characters toward the achievement of any organisational goals and objectives.

‘Nigeria economy is suffering due to the inadequate knowledge to unlock mental capacity in human capital”, he said.

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It was unanimously said by all speakers that no matter how much other resources are available, human resources must be given utmost priority as they are expected to manage other resources efficiently.

Mr. Funsho Ojo, said to Brain Trust Hub of how grateful he is to all speakers who honoured the call. They did not just honour CIPMN call, but a national call to save Nigerians from the dungeon of underdevelopment

The annual conference did not end without an exhibition of Africa art works, histories and culture at large.


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