Quick Clarity: CASUOSTI Hits Blackmailers With Facts

Council Of Academic Staff Unions Of Osun State-owned Tertiary Institutions, CASUOSTI clears the air of the blackmails against the legality of its existence.

The clarity was made in a statement issued by the Ag. Chairman of the Union, Com. Oluwasegun Lana, in a bid to make the general public understands what forms up CASUOSTI, and the limitations of the nomenclature.

In a phone conversation with Brain Trust Hub correspondent, he affirmed the fact that the clarity is not to condemn the opinion of anyone, but to make every individual to have a proper understanding of what CASUOSTI stands for.

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Statement reads;

It is ridiculous to hear of anyone blackmailing CASUOSTI under these circumstances rather than addressing issues towards restoration of industrial peace in our institutions. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have joined the distraction but for the purpose of informing sincere minds we deem it appropriate to clarify the status of CASUOSTI.

CASUOSTI is made up of the Chairmen and Secretaries of Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic, ASUP and College of Education academic Staff Union, COEASU. It serves as the joint negotiating team of ASUP & COEASU and these Unions are juristic and legal trade unions.

Our non-teaching counterparts are also organized under the auspices of JNC which embodies SSUCOE, SSANIP & NASU. We have similar association of Unions across States with multiple State-owned tertiary institutions.

Don’t be swayed by the antics of detractors.

CASUOSTI has never operated as a Union in itself. Check the head of our letters to Government and the designation of officers that sign them. Their positions in ASUP & COEASU precede their ceremonial role in CASUOSTI

It’s not CASUOSTI that declared the strike…but ASUP and COEASU….

Check the letters to the Rectors and Provosts and the letters attached to CASUOSTI letter to Government. The letters were signed by the leaders of the Unions on each Union’s letterhead. Congresses leading to the present “concurrent industrial action” were presided over by the Chairman of each Union

Government has always recognized CASUOSTI as the administrative joint appearance of academic staff unions in the State’s tertiary institutions. For over 15 years now, Government has written us letters and has signed agreements with us under this umbrella for convenience.

The language of our letters to government is “Congresses of our Unions.” This also vindicates us.


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