What’s Working In My Dear Country Nigeria?

By Gbenga Olowu

One thing I know for sure, there are witches and wizards, but they are not operating only in Nigeria, they operate all over the world. Nigeria level of difficulties in all endeavours is obviously beyond the power of witches and wizards, but at the equilibrium level of the political and economic state of our country.

I am indeed worried and bothered about the stagnation of Nigeria economy, if not backward. It is indeed time we try to dissect what could be the problem of the nation. Could it be selfishness of our leaders? Could it be that the constitution is not encompassing enough? Or we citizens are with low level of curiosity? Or is it the manifestation of any spell on this country? Or probably is because of the unceremonious marriage of 1914?

If a leader is said to be a chief servant expected to look after his or her followers and care for their protections and welfare, can we say we have leaders in Nigeria? Are they really bothered about us anyways? They seem too busy distributing national resources tagged “Welcome Package” for the 9th Nigeria nation assembly, and the Nigeria Labour Union could be on numerous strikes just for #30,000 minimum-wage. Are they really serving us, or we are serving them?

How come we are busy making that national assembly so juicy? The more it appears juicy, the more it belongs only to the desperate and the greedy.

Is there anything so difficult in developing our educational system and make other countries, at least Africa countries in large numbers desire to school in Nigeria, the said “Giant of Africa”. Nigerian student pay school fees in all higher institutions; federal or state, what is the big deal in having a free Wi-Fi within the school environment, this will definitely allow and make research much more easier not only for the staff, but even for the grooming scholars. Is having a conducive classroom with air condition and electronic board where the use of power point will be made easy so difficult? Could all these be that expensive?

I laugh each time I see our shameless leaders celebrating boreholes or health centers… if they don’t, who should? Moreover, are all these done with their money? I understand why must of us celebrate them when they provide stuff like this, we tend to appreciate them because some governments did not even do that… We must be set loose from the syndrome of “he sha try, some did not do anything at all”. There is a standard, if they cannot meet up, they have not done anything.

I take a quick pause to salute the courage and determination of President Buhari who has been busy for almost 4 years searching for corrupt Nigerians, and being the chief determinant of who to persecute and who to forgive.

President Kagame of Rwande in a tweet says “I can’t blame other people for our own problems; the biggest part of the problem is ourselves”

In my biggest imagination, is it really so difficult and hard for a country like Nigeria, blessed with numerous resources to be developed? Is development not possible under our kind of climate? Forgive me; I am just lost in thought. Are we too much for a country to be developed? Let’s come to think of it, are these imaginations just coming because I am not in ASO ROCK to know the reality?

Could it be that we are all satisfied with the state of our nation? I imagine Awolowo, Azikwe, Balewa or Macaulay not curious then, and all satisfied by being ruled through the traditional rulers (illiterate with no understanding of what development is all about)… Are we going to be here today?

Are they not ashamed? How will a man be married to a food vendor still prefers to go eat in another food vendors place. Imagine that and describe such man in one word. As big as Nigeria is, our leaders still seek for medical attention off Nigeria shore. Imagine the number of Federal and State universities, polytechnics, colleges that we have, their children still study abroad even at the secondary school level.

Imagine a law that restricts all public office holders from patronizing medical hospitals outside the country…and see a turnaround in Nigeria hospitals. Imagine a law that restricts public office holders from allowing their wards to school outside the shore of Nigeria except on professional courses not in the country…and see great educational policies with no strike. To be sincere, do we really need to make such laws? Is it really so hard for them to be a genuine leader that is meant to serve the general public? If yes, why contest for it in the first place?

Nigerian leaders, imagine a revolution, Awolowo says, “The children of the poor you failed to train will never let your children have peace”. Imagine all you have acquired gone in the twinkle of an eye…

We are not being tormented by the witches and wizards of our homes, rather by the selfish and greedy acts of our leaders. If we can fight and overcome challenges in the spiritual realm, you should imagine how much easier it will be to fight the physical.

To my dear leaders across sectors, kindly live, and let others live


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