Fani-Kayode Approves Buhari ‘For The First Time’ On June 12 Democracy Day

Femi Fani-Kayode, chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, shifted his ground on the position of Buhari for the first time since the inception of his government.

Fani-kayode, one of the assets of PDP in playing an opposition roles on every moves of the President, agreed on his Twitter account that Buhari is courageous to have taken such move of making June 12 the authentic Democracy day.

His Twitter handle @realFFK wrote;

“One of the question that previous gov’t have to answer is why they refused to honour Chief MKO Abiola and declare June 12th as the authentic Democracy Day?

“No matter what we may feel about @MBuhari at least he found the courage to do that whilst others failed”

Pointing to him as been guilty as well for not doing the right thing when his party was in power, he replied;

“Go and check the records. I fought for it from day one both privately and publicly. I did so before, during and after I joined OBJ’s govt. in 2003. I have been consistent and clear but sadly the powers that be would not listen. Thanks”

Nevertheless, some of his followers gave kudos for his courage to be truthful as least on what is glaring, which calls for no argument.


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