EID-EL-FITRI: Comrade Olugbade Encourages The Public To Continue In The Good Spirit Of Ramadan

FIBAN Chairman, Osun State Chapter, Comrade Olugbade Olu-Oluomo, charged the entire public and his members to remain faithful to service to God and humanity even as fasting period has gotten to its end.

In his address, he prayed people will continue to show love and share gifts as they have been doing during the fasting period.

“I urge all and sundry to maintain the goodness, peace, and charitable deeds like sharing of love and gifts to one another significantly to the poor and less privileged among us as demonstrated during fasting”

“The Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW) even admonished us to practice all these good deeds not only during this holy month but always.”, he said.

Oluomo used the opportunity to call on the general public to be vigilant and be careful with what they say or do to one another and to the government at large as evil utterances can disturb the peace of our dear country at this delicate period of our democracy.

“These are critical periods as government at all levels move to consolidate on the gains of our democratic rule, we must be vigilant at all times and avoid actions and utterances that might breach public peace…”, he said.

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He celebrated and wished all his members well to enjoy the season and pray everyone in peace and good health shall see the next Ramadan.

“On behalf of my humble self and the entire executive members of this great association… WE WANT TO WISH ALL OUR MUSLIM BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN OSUN FIBAN A HAPPY CELEBRATION…  I pray that we will witness many more Ramadan.”


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