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Russian Military Plant Blast Left Over 70 People Injured

Over seventy-people were reportedly injured after a several blast at the explosive plant Kristall shook the central Russian town of Dzerzhinsk on Saturday.

According to the report of City Authorities to TASS news agency, ‘the blasts, around midday (0900 GMT) were heard all over the town of more than 230,000 residents and shock waves smashed or damaged windows in around 180 buildings’.

Out of the 79 injured, 38 were injured at the plant, 41 local residents from around the factory. Injury of those around the factory occurred due to broken glass of the windows.

15 of all the injured were already at the hospital, mostly with fragment wounds, except for a woman who suffers severe injury.

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The state of emergency has been declared in Dzerzhinsk and three neighboring settlements by the local authorities.

Though, two people were reportedly missing which the Rossiya 24TV said the information had not been confirmed.


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