Osun State College of Education, Ilesa On Protest Against Increasing Sudden Death of Students

The student of Osun State College of Education has been recording death at their highest peak like never before, since the inception of the school.

The sudden deaths of OSCOED, Ilesa’s students is on the increase for the past one month. The students went on a massive protest without a functioning Student Union Government, SUG, on Monday to show their grievances to the deaths of students which the school authority seems not bothered about.

The students during the struggle added up other reasons for their struggle to be the collapse of a location where students do relax without their consideration.

The struggle took a new dimension this morning by not allowing any staff to enter into the school campus when a news reach them that another student from Biology Department died a day before.

During their protest this morning, another four casualties were rushed down to various hospitals in Ilesa.

Ilesa campus on Tuesday at 11:25am

As at the period of gathering this news, it gets to the notice of Brain Trust Hub that one of the student rushed to the hospital is getting better as reported by Mr. Niyi, a non-academic staff who helped in rushing one of the students to the hospital.

The school is likely to go on mid-semester break as we were informed from a reliable source. Stay tuned.


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