Cent Declares Irrelevant Friends As No Friends, Shares How He Was Kissed On Stage Unaware

(Brain Trust Hub)Innocent Iyoha Bishop (a.k.a Cent), an hip-hop artist from Edo State appreciates the support gotten from his parent from the beginning of his dream in music, and discloses his desires in the next 2 years. For Cent, he is eyeing Mavin record label.

Cent is a graduate of Entrepreneur and Business Management, from Open University in Delta State. He was asked, during an interview with Brain Trust Hub, the correlation between his course and music as one would imagine him to be a business man.

“For me, I love music from the beginning but started so late because of the environment I grew from. The music in me started coming out more when I gained admission for the higher institution education, and I made my records there even with awards. As a matter of fact, I am bringing the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge into the music business”. He said.

Cent appreciates his parents for the support given to him from the beginning. He said his parents and the entire family have been great and supportive.

“My parents don’t really have much but they give their little. Each time I have a new song, my family are always the one to listen to it first and assess me for any advice before anyone out there will listen. What else do I want from a family” He said

As a hip-hop artist, he mentioned Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross as his international favourite singers, and mentioned Ice-Prince, MI, and Naeto C as his favourite within Nigeria. Nevertheless, he sounded not ready to have collabo with any of them at least for now.

“I love them all, but as they are my influencers, I will not want them to take away my originality too. I will prefer to feature someone people might not know so much, but I love him because we share a lot in common, and that is Black Bone”

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Cent’s experience with ladies is not an exception when he shared an experience of how a lady appeared from nowhere to give him a kiss publicly after being declared a winner in a competition with other 57 contestant despite the presence of his guy.

“The funny part is, I was really haggard and broke then, was just on stage to perform. In fact, I was not dope at all”. Cent said jokingly.

He did not fail to mention the roles of good friends in his dream. “I only keep relevant friends in this generation, having the kind of friends that will encourage you and you will also be there for simply means having friends. If friends can’t support, why keep them?” He said

As for Cent in the next 2 year, all he desire is wealth and famous. And as for his dream record label, he declared Mavin wanted. He said he will be glad if he can be signed by Mavin.


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