FIBAN: Comrade Olugbade Charges Muslims in Ramadan, Announces Relaxation Date

(Brain Trust Hub)The Chairman of Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria, FIBAN, Osun State Chapter, Comrade Olugbade Olu-Oluomo appreciates members for high turnout during the last program and encourages them for the upcoming events.

The entire members of the Association were appreciated for commitment and turnout in the last annual health day walk to live and lecture held on the 31st of April, 2019 themed Broadcasting Profession with Sound Health: A Pathway to Wealth

“Let me appreciate all our active members for your support since the beginning of this Osun FIBAN “O YATO” administration. Especially those who participated in just concluded health day. Thank you all”. He said.

He did not ignore the efforts of his executive members for the support given so far to the FIBAN ‘O YATO’ administration.

Event Ahead

Comrade Olugbade said it is high time FIBAN had a special day meant for relaxation among all members of the association.

“I discovered that it is only FIBAN i see among all professional bodies/association that doesn’t have any day for Relaxation or get together, we only work and work like a wall clock without resting day. While we forget that; “All work & No play make Jacks a dull boy”. He said.

The proposed date for relaxation and get together is 7th day of June, 2019. Event is expected to start from daybreak till evening at Erin Ijesa water fall, Osun State.

The event is said to feature music and talent display which will include Ewi, Ijala and other entertainment that are worthy of promoting the culture and value of Yoruba and Nigeria at large.

Other things expected to feature in the event is talks from elders and great icons in the industry who will speak on how to overcome every piece of challenge in the profession.

Games such as Ayo Olopon, Draft, Ludo etc are also special package for the day. Awards will equally be given to some members to encourage them the more.

Ramadan Message

In his last address, Comrade Olugbade welcomed Muslim brothers and sisters into the new Ramadan season and charged them to dedicate the period wholly unto the Almighty Allah as Ramadan is a special command unto man by Allah Himself.

“The month of RAMADAN is holy month specially prescribed by Almighty Allah to all Muslims around the world to fast, pray, sacrifice and abstain from all kinds of sins and also to imbibe the doctrine of the Allah as enshrined in the Holy Qur’an.

“I welcome the entire OSUN FIBAN Muslims members across zones in the state and all over the nation at large into the holy month, I urge you all to ensure that we use this month to renew our spiritual life in accordance with the rules, and also to pray for peace, progress and unity of our noble association, Nigerians and Nigeria at large”. He said.


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