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Benin Tourist Hunt: Guide’s body found, French Tourists Still Missing

In search of the two French tourists in Benin, a body has been found, which was said to be a guide who disappeared while on Safari north-western Benin.

According to a report by BBC, many sources have confirmed the body to be of a guide and not the French tourists.

The park, Pendjari National Park, where the group disappeared on Wednesday shares border with Burkina Faso where Islamist militants have been increasingly active in recent months.

The three were last seen driving a rented Ford SUV in the park, which is some 550km (335 miles) north of Benin’s capital, Porto Novo.

Beninese and French authorities are investigating the incident.

In a statement shared on social media (in French), Benin’s Ministry of Interior said a body was discovered on Saturday but had not yet been identified.

A local official and regional security source told the Reuters news agency that the body belonged to the local guide.

They said the guide was found shot dead, while the car was discovered burned in eastern Burkina Faso.

“The fate of the two French tourists remains unclear”, they added.


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