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41 Dead as Russian Plane Bursts into Huge Ball of Fire

41 people have been reportedly dead from the huge ball of fire and black smoke due to an emergency landing at Moscow’s busiest airport.

Among the 41 dead, there were at least two children in the incidence. Dramatic footage which went viral on social media showed Aeroflot’s Sukhol Superjet 100 aircraft crash-landing and then speeding along the runway at Sheremetyevo international airport on Sunday, flames pouring from its fuselage.

There were 78 people including crew members on board, which was bound for the Northwestern city of Murmansk. According to the updated information which the investigation has as of now revealed that 37 people survived.

According to Moscow region’s health minister, Dmitry Matveyev, eleven out of the 37 survivor are injured.

An eye witness, Alyons Osokina told Rain TV how the incidence happened. “I was inside the terminal when I suddenly saw a plane on fire rushing along the runway”

“The blaze was devouring the plane” She said

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The jet — carrying 73 passengers and five crew members — left Sheremetyevo at 6:02 pm (1502 GMT), and the crew issued a distress signal shortly afterwards, officials said.

“After the take-off, the crew reported an anomaly and decided to come back to the departure airport. At 6:30 pm, the aircraft made an emergency landing,” the airport said in a statement.


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