Experiences of Oscoed, Ilesa Social Studies Students in Igbo Olodumare

The students of Social Studies Department, School of Arts and Social Sciences of the Osun State College of Education, Ilesa paid Igbo Olodumare a visit as part of their curriculum in the teaching of culture, value and heritage of Nigeria. Igbo Olodumare is located in Oke-Igbo, an ancient town of Ondo State.

The trip was led by the Head of Department, Mr. Olusegun Egbetola and other staff of the Department; Dr. J. R. Jakayioluwa, (Dean, school of Arts and Social Sciences), Mrs. E. A. Akinwande, Mr. A. W. Adeowu, and Mr. Abimbola Dauda.

The HOD in an interview session with Brain Trust Hub said they have chosen Igbo Olodumare so as to present to the students whatever they might have read in a popular book by D. O. Fagunwa titled “Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Olodumare” as reality.

“This trip is a continuum of our students understanding of the popular book written by Baba Fagunwa and it is essential for them to know it is not just a fiction in order for them to understand the place of African heritage and value”. He said.

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Brief Discussion with Oba Awon Iwin (King of goblins)

There was a stopover in order to have a brief discussion with the Oba awon Iwin. Oba Iwin is a relative of Baba Fagunwa, and was the first head master of the only primary school located in the environment in the 1960.

Oba Awon Iwin at the centre, tour guides beside him

Oba Iwin narrated the genesis of Igbo Olodumare;

“The place called Igbo Olodumare was a very tick forest where no one could approach, due to that, hunters and farmers got attracted to the beauties of numerous animals for hunting and fertile lands for farming. Though, the goblins made it so difficult for them to have access to the benefits of this forest”.

“The courage of Chief Ogboni Osi who was the first baale of Igbo Olodumare cannot be over emphasized, and the bravery of a popular hunter in history, Abiodun Ololode who joined Chief Ogboni. More people were coming after, and the goblins were moving back for them”.

“Igbo Olodumare is where snails are discovered to be bigger than tortoise”.

According to Oba iwin, “Efforts are being made to make Igbo Olodumare a more tourist centre where more people can visit, even from outside the country”.

Question and answer session with the king of goblins and tour guides

Oba Awon Iwin is an appellation given to Chief S. O. Odejinmi due to his contribution in chasing the goblins and making sure they do not disturb his students alongside the efforts of Abiodun Ololode.

Chief Odejinmi prayed for the students after the brief chat and warned them not to say evil things in the forest as it’s a sacred place where all desires; good or bad are always granted.

Mysteries of Igbo Olodumare

Igbo Olodumare is located in an ancient town of Oke-Igbo, Ondo State. The forest is made popular by David Olorunfemi Fagunwa in his numerous books; Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Olodumare, Ireke Onibudo, Aditu Eledumare among others

Mysterious Locations in Igbo Olodumare

Isalu Aye and Isalu Orun: It is a ‘Y’ junction where Ifepade and Olowo Aye departed despite the desire of Olowo Aye to go with Ifepade. Olowo Aye took his journey through Isalu Aye where he met a gnome crying. Olowo Aye asked the gnome why it was crying, it said it only cries for the insatiability of men. Men are the best creature of God, yet, they are never satisfied.


The following places were visited after the brief discussion with Oba iwin;

Prayer spot located after the entrance gate,

‘Egberiwese’, the visiting place of Ifapade

The ‘Y’ Junction of Isalu Aye and Isalu Orun

Oke Langbodo

Ibujoko Olowo Aye, Omo Akowediran (Olowo Aye resting place)

Esu kekere Ode, and

Aginju Idake-roro

The students showed their appreciation to their lecturers for such experience. The objective of the Department was fulfilled as most students could correlate the reading to what they have seen.


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