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World Health Day: Family ‘Double’ Deductions for Health Scheme is a Blessing to the Poor- Dr. Akinpelu

The Youth Chapel, (Anglican Communion) Osun Diocese, located in the Bishop’s Court Isale-Aro Osogbo joined the world today to celebrate World Health Day.

Dr. Ayodeji Akinpelu of Osun Health Insurance Scheme, OHIS, was invited for teaching on healthy living. He discloses the importance of the scheme and expatiates on double deduction for family as a blessing to the less privilege.

Health insurance scheme is designed in a way that the wealthy ones fund the health of less privilege. He said this responding to a question on the tendencies of money being returned if not used at all in a year.

“Each time payment his made to the scheme and its not used, its believed that someone who equally paid the same and used far above what he or she paid for got funded with another person’s contribution”. He said.

The scheme gives room for husband, wife and 4 biological children as government worker. In a situation where husband and wife work for government, it’s a double charges for the family as the charges are constantly deducted from the source. “There is no two ways to that than your family is a blessing to the less privilege”.

The scheme is presently looking into institutions collecting health charges from students every year and not giving up to the standard of what they are collecting. The regulatory body of the scheme will henceforth take necessary actions.

Similarly, Health Insurance Scheme is on a serious dialogue with artisans through their organised bodies; the okada riders, tailors etc in order to give orientations and bring them in for them to also enjoy from the scheme. Government is not meant for only the workers.

He told the congregations to regularly update HIS on every hospitals they are using for them to know if they are indeed operating to expectations. If not, the regulatory body will go into investigations and take necessary steps such as de-listing them from the scheme as the case may be.

“No hospital has an iota of excuse for not providing necessary care because necessary steps are always fulfill from our end”. He said.

The resource person, Dr. Ayodeji Akinpelu rounded up the session of the service with 3 john 1:2; “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (KJV)

BREASTFEEDING: Benefits to the baby and mother

Breast feeding is an unequaled way by which the ideal food necessary for the growth and development of a baby is provided. This remains the recommended standard for infant feeding. Despite improvement in various artificial formula feeds, it is still the best form of feeding for a baby.


The church vicar, Rev. Canon Abimbola Oso appreciated the presence of the resource person and challenged the congregations to be healthy both in the physical and in the spiritual realm.

“As we take care of the body which will perish one day, we must all make sure we take care of our spirit man that will live till eternity”.

Stated packages are as follows

Individual package #12,066k

Family of 6; father, mother and 4 biological children #57,600


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