Must Read: Acting mad lady takes away over 60 penises in Ilesa, see video

Wicked world we are, everyone not minding the gender must read this, you never can tell how wicked humans are. Why must man be kind and generous at the detriment of his own life and future?

There will always be an end to every man’s journey. A lady who has always been dressing like a mad lady for months in Ilesa, Osun State got to the end of her journey when she was caught in her evil act destroying men by taking away their manhood each time they give her money.

A witness, Olugbade Olu-Oluomo, popularly known as Oluomo Presenter, Chairman of FIBAN (Osun Chapter) was on his way from Ekiti State when he saw large crowd and decided to know what was going on. He said this to Brain Trust Hub in the summary of his stay at the scene.

“A young man around the age of 25 years was shown to me that the lady have been acting and roaming around the streets of Ilesa as a mad lady. She begged the young man for money and he gave her #20, the #20 marked the end of the young man’s manhood. His manhood got disappeared at the spot”

These are facts to be unveiled in the video

The lady is from Ile-Ife, Osun State perpetrating evil in Ilesa, Osun State.

She is Anuoluwapo by name.

She has taken over 60 penises only in Ilesa.

She claimed to have been given the penises to men like us.

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Click video  to view

Video of the acting mad lady who takes men’s penis

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