Facts and figures: Things you should know before the commencement of 2019 Election

Today 23rd of February is the long awaited day for millions of Nigerians to vote in another political office holders for the next four years. Nigeria remains the most populous country in West Africa and the whole world is at alert not only to see the end of the election, but dissect the process.

Today’s election will be for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the House of Assemblies; Upper house of senate and lower house of representatives. The total of the elected members expected after today’s exercise is 468 new members in the house. We won’t forget that the national assembly is not uniform for all constituencies of the federation as that of the governorship elections in the 36 states.

Who takes the mantle of authority?

The contest is majorly between the ruling party, APC, and main opposition party, PDP. Notwithstanding, we must be reminded that we have a total of 73 presidential candidates who are contesting for the presidential seat. Some out of the 91 registered political parties have dropped their ambition for personal reasons, and some dropped it to ally with either APC or PDP.

Mohammadu Buahri contesting under APC is the present President of the country; he came into power 4 years ago after several attempts to be the President. Buhari is the first candidate to win a sitting president in the history of Nigeria in the fourth republic. He defeated the then sitting President Goodluck Jonathan with over two million votes. Buhari campaigned with several things such as security, bringing fuel price to #45.00, fighting corruption without fear and favour among many others. Some praised him, and some considered him a failure. He is presently contesting with the intention of finishing what he has started.

Mr. Atiku Abubakar was the Vice President of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He left office with his boss in the year 2007. Since then, Atiku had tried his best to become the President, and this had made him journeyed to APC from PDP, and back to PDP again. He either lost out in the main election (2007) or lost out in the primaries of his party (2011 and 2015). Atiku campaigned on making Nigeria work again in the economic sector. He has been campaigning with his economic experience as a well-established business man.

All of Nigeria’s 109 Senate seats and 360 House of Representative seats are also for grabs across the 36 states and Abuja. A total of 1,904 candidates are taking part in the senatorial elections while 4,680 are seeking seats in the House of Representatives.

INEC important information

INEC released details for this election as;

Important Information for 2019 elections

Below are the top five States with highest eligible voters

Lagos with the highest of 5,531,389

Kano follows with 4,696,747

Kaduna follows with 3,648,831

Kastina with 3,187,988

Rivers with 2,833,101

INEC hotlines are as stated below;

Hotlines for 2019 elections

Ballot Papers Colour

Ballot paper for Presidential election is RED

Ballot paper for Senatorial election is BLACK

Ballot paper for House of Representative is GREEN

Voting commences at 8:00 a.m.

Stay tuned to get updated only on verified updates before, during and after the election to the counting and announcement.

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