Sodomy and cannibalism in Abuja, Ministry of Education assures transparency

A six year old pupil, Imran revealed high rate of inhumanity in Kuje College, Abuja. The satanic act is known as sodomy and cannibalism, as they were being abused and eaten if proven difficult.

Dr. Hannatu Ayuba Usman, an oncologist with the National Hospital, Abuja is the pupil’s mother, and his grandmother, Hajia Salamatu Abubakar Maina disclosed that the boy had only spent just a term in the school for the Deaf.

The 6 year old boy shared his ordeal in the school as he was forced to watch other children slaughtered and how their corpses were roasted and he among others were forced to eat human flesh. It was further learnt that the boy is in need of surgery in his anus (as he could no longer control faeces) and an MRI scan because of the beating to his head. It was said on a live TV show, TVC, (Your View), on Tuesday that the parents were forced to understand the boy better not until when the boy insisted he is not returning to the school few days to resumption.

In response to the request of Nigerians to close down the school, Mr. Benjamin Ben-Goong, Deputy Director/Head of Information spoke on the live television show that investigation is ongoing, and nothing can be done till details are given after the investigation.

He assured the general public that over half of the students have already being physically examined. According to him, the Police and SSS are working hand in hand on the matter.

Don’t let’s forget the allegation was made against the school during the holiday, we cannot act with emotions. If the school is shut down, how do we arrest the criminal(s), and how do we have a hitch-free investigation? He said.

He assured the public that no staff of the school is leaving the school till the investigation is done and concluded. He further let the public know that such investigation is promised to be made public after they are done with it.

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