Seyi Law gave an expensive joke on Family, apologized to wife

The popular comedian Seyi Law has done it again getting into peoples brain as he gave the most expensive joke of the year by claiming to have left his wife.

The news which was gotten from his Instagram page has been said to be a joke. Meanwhile, Brain Trust Hub contacted one of his allies, Princewill (Comedian of the Federal Republic) and this is what he said.

“Seyilaw taught me a lot about what I know today. He is a warrior and he calculates 4 steps ahead. He should have his reasons”.

It is obvious that Seyilaw calculated 4 steps ahead to get the attention he wanted from the fake news he gave by himself.

Meanwhile, his wife didn’t find the joke so pleasing this time. He equally apologized publicly to the wife for such an expensive joke.

He said:

“I need to apologise to my wife who found the joke highly embarassing and way out ofline. thanks for bearing my excesses. You are beautiful, kind and definitely the best of your type. God bless you abundantly. I appreciate you always. May God never give us a reason to part way, but Path many ways for the future generations to tread”

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