Hillary Clinton will NOT run for President in 2020, ex campaign manager says

John Podesta told CNN tonight that the Democrat would not be having a second run at Donald Trump at the next US election, despite reports in the last few days to the contrary.

Earlier this week, it was claimed Mrs Clinton was considering another presidential bid despite coming up short against the billionaire in 2016.

Mr Podesta has now branded those reports, which said she had ‘not closed the door’ on another campaign, as “media catnip”.

In an interview he said: “Look, I love her, I wish she were president. She got three million more votes than Donald Trump did, she would have been a great president but she says she’s not running for President and I think this is media catnip.

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“I take her at her word. We’ve got a lot of great candidates out there right now and I think the Democratic primary is going to be a spirited one.

“She would have made a great President but that’s in the past and she says she’s not running.”

Three years ago, Mrs Clinton lost the electoral college with 232 votes to Trump’s 306.

However, she did win the popular vote, with 65.8m to the Republican’s 62.9m.



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