I have all it takes to use tax payers’ money efficiently- Babatunde Gbadamosi

Babatunde Gbadamosi, the governorship candidate of Action Democratic Party, ADP, in an interview, Sunday interview on TVC disclosed why he’s qualified to be the next governor of Lagos State amidst general take on him as inexperience in running the governance of the Lagos State.

He described those saying he lacks the experience as those who are not friends of the State, rather, they are the ones who have been embezzling the funds of the state. He considers their perspective of inexperience as one who do not have the skill to manipulate the general funds of the state to self-own and the one who is not good, neither ready to join the crew of those who can take the resources of the state to their own advantage.

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In emphasizing his ability to run the administration of Lagos State, he confidently discussed how far he has been delivering in his personal business as a real estate developer. He explained, “every dime given to me to deliver to my clients proves how experienced I am to make sure I take to use efficiently the tax payers’ money”.

In addition to his personality in the interview, he appraise the place of his wife in making him a complete man. He mentioned few contemporary singers as his favourite with Adekunle Gold taking the lead.


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