Exclusive Interview: Learning fashion designing made easy with technology- Veritas Clothing

Veritas Clothing reveals how technology can help in learning more about fashion

Adeoye Veritas Oluwaseun, an Ibadan based fashion designer who graduated from the prestigious polytechnic of Ibadan as a computer scientist, with a post graduate diploma in customer relationship MGT from school of customer relationship in Lagos State amidst some other professional certificate disclosed why he chose fashion business despite his various certificates in an interview with Brain Trust Hub.

Is there any brand name for your fashion business?

Yes, my brand name is Veritas clothing and I chose my name as a brand name because I see this fashion enterprise as a legacy for me that my children can continue. I picked my clue from Ford, Benz, Gucci who bear the name of their inventors.

Veritas Clothing suits

What’s the motive behind fashion despite your academic background?

I became a fashion designer after an encounter with my tailor back then. I discovered I had passion for it as I was the one even putting him through on how I want the dress to look like and how he can give me the exact picture of what I want. Meanwhile, as a gentle guy, I have always been this type that want to look good and clean with really spicy outfit right from childhood. I have taste for fashion and colour combination. All these, coupled together made me picked interest in 2014. I searched for job after my service year like an average Nigeria will do and I got a share of my own experience too, then I realize its better I become a boss of my own with my passion.

I followed a Yoruba adage that says “Ise alase je, owo alase la” (If you work for people, you will have enough money to put food on your table and feed yourself and family, but if you work for yourself as a business man, you become wealthier and boss for other). I went to learn and it was so quick in learning it.

CEO, Veritas Clothing at work

Is fashion really paying your bills?

Laughs… Yes, fashion pays my bills so well. Though, it may not be paying like multinational companies, but the question is, where is that multinational company self that wants to pay any graduate’s bill? As a matter of fact, I can say it again that I give thanks to the economy of Nigeria which fueled my passion in tailoring and helped me discover myself. So far, so good, tailoring is paying my bills and I am proud about it.

Are there any challenges and encouragements so far in the fashion enterprise?

The first thing is I enjoy what I am doing and that’s the secret for me in being able to overcome many challenges. There is no way you can satisfy people. Also, people like good things but they don’t want to pay for it. I discover familiarities ruin business and any attempt for you to separate your business with family and relationships, they tend to take you for someone who do not know the value of such relationship. The poor economy is another challenge, but the encouragement is that despite the level of economic damages in the country, people will keep wearing clothe as long as it remains one of the basic needs of man.

Labeled Veritas Clothing

Where do you see your brand name in the next 5 years?

I want to see it everywhere. In fact, I want to see it on all staff of Brain Trust Hub. My goal is to make it available for both the privilege and less privilege. Want to walk on the street and see my brands on people all over.

I saw a clothing academic plan on your instagram account page; can you shed more light on it?

Veritas Clothing Academy is a vision that has been for long and its part of my interest to fuel the passion of the people out there. It’s not just the tailoring part alone, even opened to those who want to learn more on fashion. We have the charges of just 2,000 naira for beginners. You just stay in the four corners of your house and we have a tutorial online teaching you what fashion is all about.

You just register, and make sure you have a phone or computer with internet. Gadgets are ready for life session. As I am speaking, you see me demonstrating it and it’s so flexible to even help you continue with your work and still learn. I am using social media platform to make the tutorial as it’s more assessable to all.

Veritas Clothing apparel looking great on the CEO Tbogs restaurant

Would it be right to say this fashion academy is meant for only beginners in tailoring or it includes those that are already into it?

Not really, it’s for beginners who have no knowledge in tailoring before, and at the same time for whoever that is in tailoring before as well. Some are good in sewing without the real understanding of colour combinations. As a genuine fashion designer, it is your role to advice your customers on colour mixing, and styles that fit in for different outings. All these we shall discuss in the course of the study. The academy is going to run for four different phases; the beginners’ class, intermediate class, master class, professional class. At the last phase you will be able to make apparel on your own wherever you are.

Do you have any advice to give Nigerian youths reading this interview session with you?

To the youth and the readers, I challenge you to discover your calling and understand it. I usually do tell my friends, if I had started fashion designing or I know I would be a fashion designer, I for don blow now and buy benz. It’s never too late, no matter what. And whatever you find yourself doing, do it well and do it meticulously. An adage in Yoruba says “Atelewo eni ko ki ntani je” (simply put, the ball is in your cot. We should stop blaming the government or parents or uncles. Think outside the box to be a boss and be in charge.

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Great thanks and appreciation to Brain Trust Hub bringing out promising stars like me… I must say this; I am one of your silent fans. Keep the good work rolling.

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