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Every career is always with a start and different experience, dreams, and challenges for different individuals. The case of an upcoming hip-hop artist named Obinna Ugwumba, popularly known as Series is not an exception as he revealed his experience to Brain Trust Hub in an interview session. Series started music over a decade ago, 2007 to be precise, and to him, singing is a gift as he chose that part out of natural love and ability. The journey of pursing the dream for him has not been easy though, but the roles of friends and family who are into music around him cannot be over emphasized.

He is a graduate of Electronic Engineering from Nnamdi Azikwe University. He described the stress of music career as no big deal as long as there is no career without its own typical stress. And he explained the stress as not just a wasted stress, rather a price to pay for getting to the desire places and never to settle for the available.

As for Series in the music industry, he has no one he is looking up to among all the popular musicians, he prefers to be himself but he is always inspired by each and every one of the famous musicians both home and abroad. He is of the believe that his style is unique and with confidence it will be well known and heard all over very soon.

For the challenges so far, he sees no financial support as the greatest challenge every upcoming artists do encounter. The finances of building up the dream are always not easy to get. The family from the start never supported him to be in the industry as they were expecting him to become an engineer, but the ball game is changing as they have been supporting him of late based on his good performance in the industry.

Hello fans out there, thanks for the support via all my social media and the support given to my first single titled ONE 4EVA…. Be rest assured 2019 is a year of songs delivery. Well written and inspiring songs are ready, left with few touches to make it well-served……      Series

Among the few unique musicians in the industry today, Series is one of them with his high level of diversification. He is equally an entrepreneur. He owns a fast food joint in Lekki, Lagos State. He described himself a determined and focused upcoming famous man, and indeed, Obinna Ugwumba is a promising Nigerian famous musician and a business man. In his word, “I am unique with my zealousness and determination to be myself and no one else. A musician with his uniqueness. As I am into music, I do not joke with business generally“.

He conclusively added, music industry is an open industry for the determined and focused people. He advised anyone that wants to be in the industry to work hard, dream and make sure they chase their dream. It’s not what is going to be achieved without work and great input. Determination and focus must be identified.

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