Episode 6

“Mercy killing? You want me to kill your husband, Sis Grace…? This is definitely not you speaking… Please, this is stress speaking…” Doctor Jack looked me perplexed

“And it’s absolutely normal because you have been through a lot in the past two months, you have been sitting by your husband for the past 2 months…, Spending so much, and not to mention your in-laws attitude towards you… I quite understand, but what you need is a break especially for the sake of the baby” Doctor Jack said while looking at me with the most perplexed look I have ever seen in my life…

I barked out at him with tears flowing…”That is not my point, all you have mentioned doesn’t bother me… I am thinking about Daniel… He has been lying on that bed for two months not responding one bit, Daniel is no longer in that body, I can’t keep watching him lie there lifeless with his skin peeling… He has suddenly turned dark skinned… Let him die and go to rest… This is not about me… Have you checked his weight of late..?

I broke down in tears as I managed to convince Doctor Jack…

“He looks like a shadow of himself… So skinny… He hasn’t moved an inch since we brought him here… and it doesn’t look like he will…, Daniel lived his life in pains on medications. Why do this to him again? I am sure in his subconscious he wants to wake up but he can’t, so why this continuous torture? Doctor Jack please…”

“Sis Grace where is your faith? Do you know how many prophets I have brought here? Doctor, My faith is dead and it looks like I will be dead soon, because the thought of seeing Daniel in this state is driving me nuts knowing I am the cause of…” I stopped talking before I said too much

There was silence like that of graveyard in that office, which must have lasted 2 mins…

“I will do it…” Doctor said after giving it a long thought…

“You will?” I asked

“Yes… but for a good reason which is to preserve your life and that of the baby… because I won’t want to lose the three of you… “

“Thank you Doctor Jack, Thank you”

At this point, I felt I was running insane, I was literally at the hospital for two months on a daily basis with the hope that Daniel would wake up… and with the refusal of Doctor Jack to abort my pregnancy, the baby was growing daily…

Within those two months, I had tried different hospitals but I couldn’t do the abortion there because my popularity was a hindrance. The moment I entered any hospital I would be received by the nurses with prayers and praises of how my music has helped them… So how was it possible to tell them I came for an abortion…?

On the side, I had been using home remedies for the abortion, but this baby was bent on coming to planet earth… For those two months, I never heard from Larry, like he never existed before…

Doctor tapped me and said “I also need you to do me a favour, before I do the Mercy killing I need you to travel to somewhere nobody will find you, so that you will escape all the Igbo rituals for widows, so as not to jeopardize the life of the baby…. This baby means so much to me…”

Indeed, if only he knew the true identity of the father of the child… I thought…

“So when will you be doing it?” I asked eagerly

“Let’s give him a few more days to see if he wakes up, but if not.. I will do it on Sunday, which means you should take your trip between tomorrow or next… “

“Thank you Doctor…”

Where was I going to go was the next question on my mind as I walked towards the door. Then he said his last words…

“Sis Grace, I have a feeling you are not telling me the whole story, but please when this whole episode is over, go and seek the face of God”

Exactly… the prayer mountain I went when I was just 14 years old, where the Lord told me “I will use you as a light to many nations”…That was the best place to go, to see if God can repair me, and thereafter live a life serving God. Possibly start a foundation in Daniel’s name… My thought


I have an unfinished business before going back to God…before my repentance…

Larry must pay for what he has done to me… and the only person who can help me is my mother… Mama Sanponna of Igbonla village….

I am about to open another chapter of my life to you, a life I had left in my past, I never thought I would return there… I left that life when I was 13 years old, I am going back to the life before Christ…. It’s time for Larry to know where I came from…

I am going to Igbonla for revenge….or shouldn’t I?

What do you feel right now about me? Hatred? Disgust? Pity?

What would you have done in my shoes?

Published under the permission of the script writer; Opeyemi Ojerinde


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