Episode 5

“What exactly prompted this attack? could it have been the news of the pregnancy? Maybe the excitement was too much for his fragile heart? ” Doctor Jack asked me…

“Exactly… He doesn’t want the pregnancy” I summoned all confidence to say

“What? You both have been looking for the fruit of the womb for 12 years, what do you mean your husband doesn’t want the pregnancy, is he not the father of the child?….You of all people can never sleep with another man…” Doctor Jack said with so much trust in me.

I wouldn’t blame him, no one would have Imagined that the Anointed Singer Grace committed Adultery and has a child out of marriage…. I had to cook up something….

“Doctor Jack, it’s beyond the ordinary… This is a secret between my husband and I, I shouldn’t be telling you this but I believe you can be of help” I said convincingly. “Okay? How? “…He asked with a look of uncertainty

“My Mother-in-law is in a secret society, which she forced my husband into. The secret society gave my husband the wealth he has, but with a condition. He must never have children… It was said that the day I give birth, he will die. I have always thought it was just superstition, but seeing the reality, I know it is not joke…

“What? What are you saying? Bro Daniel is in a secret cult?

I nodded, as I began to fear who I was turning into, a Big time liar but I had a plan…“So doctor, we need to act fast, get rid of the pregnancy I am carrying so that my husband can live? “Jesus! God forbid… I don’t believe you are the one saying this…You are a woman of God… and besides, my faith does not permit me to abort, I can’t…” Doctor Jack looked in disbelief “But we need to save my husband’s life… Get rid of this baby or else I will do it elsewhere… My husband is dying and you are talking about a child I don’t know will survive or not” I walked out of his office angrily; I never knew I could act my plan so well… My plan was going to work, the doctor was going to get rid of the pregnancy for me…

I entered Daniel’s room, and I saw a lifeless good man… I sat beside him and held his hands… Tears did not bargain for drops on my face. “Daniel, you will be fine, I promise, I am sorry for everything I did, I got carried away… I know it was the text you read from Larry that made you go into shock, because you found out that the baby is not yours…. Hmmm… I am willing to kill this baby for you… Please stay alive… Stay alive… Stay alive for your good self, not for worthless ME… And when you get better, if you never want to see me again… I will go far away from you… Just don’t add your death to the list of the wrong things I have done in such a short time.. I never knew I will ever mean these words, but I do… “.I love you Daniel and I hope you survive this… “

“Where is she, where is the useless Yoruba girl”…That was the authoritative voice of my mother-in-law. I had sent her a text earlier, that Daniel was sick… She burst into the room with eyes like fire, I was on my feet already… “If my son dies you will know what it feels like to be a widow In Igbo land…I told Tochukwu (Daniel) not to marry you, but he refused…”

Doctor Jack walked in… “Good Afternoon ma, we can’t accept this noise in here, and besides the woman you are shouting at is pregnant, she doesn’t need this stress” Doctor said. Oh My Goodness, why did Doctor Jack open his big mouth.., but what happened next was a good one because it corroborated my fake story about the secret society…

“Hey… I said it ooo, this Yoruba girl has an evil mission, she has gotten herself pregnant, so as to kill my son… God forbid… Grace abi Disgrace… If my son dies I will personally kill you and the baby.
You know Tochukwu is the only son I have… Mama went to her son, wailing all over him, Doctor Jack looked at me and shook his head…

My plan was going to work, I would have aborted the pregnancy before Daniel regains himself. Larry will have no say over me anymore …because I have my own plans for him… I will call Maami (My Mother) on his matter and if you knew who Maami was, you will be afraid for Larry…

Am I pushing this thing too far?

Published under the permission of the script writer; Opeyemi Ojerinde


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