One fateful day, I received an invitation to minister in Kenya, Larry had to come with me as usual, the ministration was powerful, and at the end of the program we retired to our separate rooms, I was lodged in Room 104 to have my rest, when Larry called my phone…

“Grace, I am bored… Can I come over”? Those were the words that landed my back on the bed.

Larry came around and we started gisting, from emotional talks to appreciating each other’s body.

“Grace, do you know you have the cutest lips ever, they are so small but beautiful, no wonder it produces sweet melody… “

That gave way to kisses, in less than thirty minutes, the predicted had happened, Larry had done what he wanted to do and seriously speaking, it wasn’t exceptional. In fact, my husband was better.

Right from that moment, regret set in, self-condemnation set in. Instantly, I had a feeling something had left me. With tears in my eyes for disappointing God, I asked Larry to please excuse me.

Words failed me, as I couldn’t pray to ask God for forgiveness. The words were too heavy; all I did that night was shed tears. My husband kept calling like he suspected something.

“Honey, are you OK? I am having that feeling that something is wrong with you…You know that sharp pain in my heart…” All I did was cry.

“My Grace”…He never called me Grace, but “My Grace”

“My Grace, was your ministration bad, You didn’t do well?… Answer me please”…I heard real love speaking to me, and for the first time, I felt LOVE for my husband, but I knew this love had been injured.

He promised he was coming to Kenya the next morning to give me moral support for the second day of the ministration.

I slept off in tears but woke up panting, I had a Dream.

I saw myself with a heavy mass of hair on my head, my hair in the dream was so long, it drew attention to me, Suddenly, I saw Larry with a big gardener’s scissor. He chopped off my hair till I became bald.

I did not understand the meaning of this dream, but I kept it a secret….

Two months later, I discovered I was pregnant for Larry.

Did my dream have anything to do with this pregnancy? 
Should I have been happy or sad about this pregnancy, since I had been barren for 12 years? 

These were the questions that haunted me…

Please can you answer them in the comment box before I continue my tale?

Published under the permission of the script writer; Opeyemi Ojerinde


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