I was at that point in my music career when my voice was the hit, I was a Gospel Musician with a very unique voice and style of music. Larry was my keyboardist, He was divinely anointed to play the Keyboard, He was married and so was I.

He just knew how to play the right tune, He gave my music its style, our families knew each other, my husband never saw him as a threat, and neither did his wife have a problem with us travelling around for sold out shows. He was the instrument; I was the voice, a match ordained by God to bless lives.

Emotions started getting into the way, I started seeing ways in which he was better than my husband. He started seeing how we match each other perfectly. We couldn’t help each other as sometimes we would shed tears of wishing we were married to each other, If we were married. We would have been a couple doing great exploits for the LORD. Sometimes I do feel like hugging him so tight and will wish my lips would touch his soft lips. He sometimes would give me a big hug after our show, on lookers thought it was just a professional hug, but he would whisper “I love you more than anything in this world, I wish you were mine”

It was genuine, I loved him and He loved me, but we were married to other people!

Hello! Take a deep breath and judge me before you proceed

***I wish my readers knew what I was faced with; it was a situation of being caught between Pharaoh and the “red sea”***

Let’s see how well you can judge me now…

I was in a marriage where circumstances beyond my control were the basis for the marriage. I married my husband at the age of 19 as a way out of poverty to take care of my single diabetic mother and my three younger sisters. So to be honest, I had never being in Love in my life till I met Larry, my keyboardist. Even God knew this was the first time I had ever felt the thing called LOVE, Point of correction, it wasn’t lust, I felt LOVE…the love that tore my heart….Love that made me happy but yet couldn’t be expressed. This made me lose weight, I tried to back off, look for another keyboardist, but unfortunately for me, Larry was the kind of man I wanted, He was spiritual (He was full of the Word of God, we prayed for hours together), He was musically inclined, He knew how to make me laugh till I had tears in my eyes, something my husband never achieved for years of being married. I faked my happiness, and the only thing that ever made me smile was my MUSIC…

And Larry was in my Music…

My in-laws did not make matters easy, as Daniel and I were not from the same tribe, my husband was Igbo, and the fact I was Yoruba was not acceptable, I always felt misplaced, But Larry, my keyboardist was from my tribe, and this made us perfect match.

Then, there is something I haven’t mentioned, My husband Daniel had been declared medically infertile, he had what was called “NO SPERM COUNT”, but Larry, my keyboardist was so fertile he had 4 girls and 2 boys with his wife…

Now, do you see why I wept at nights with a great wish “I wish I was married to Larry”….

To be continued;

But, wait…

Was I wrong to have had these thoughts, and wish? Kindly drop your comments…

Published under the permission of the script writer; Opeyemi Ojerinde


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