Dirty Linen II

Episode 2

The driver was shocked at the little drama he saw, but he couldn’t say anything because Madam would deal with him. When she got in, Honourable asked what the noise outside was all about, and she told him the policemen came in search of Tade and shola has been taken away, because she pointed him to the police. Honourable was shocked and angry at the same time, “How could you have done that, why do you detest this boy so much, he is my Late brother’s only surviving son, his father played a part in my life before I attained this position in life, the only way I can pay him back is by taking good care of his son”.

“Enough of all this Honourable”, Mrs Owotunde fired back at him. “Why do u prefer shola to your own son, you have never been in support of whatever I do to protect your image, do you want your political ambition to be affected. Honorable, I have had enough, just do yourself a favour of not going to the station, I have replaced my son with your cousin, besides of what use is he? She hissed and left him with his mouth agape.

Shola was charged to court the following week because the father of the deceased is a prominent figure, he was sentenced to death by hanging and when the news reached Honorable, he was guilty. He wished he wouldn’t watch the young innocent boy suffer for a crime he knew nothing about, Mrs Owotunde was relieved, “What would I have done if it was my only son that was given such judgment” she asked herself, thank God I made a good suggestion by sending him to Canada, she watched her husband quietly, he was already lost in thought but she showed little or no concern.

Few years later, Tade finished his bachelor’s degree in Canada and got a job with a multinational company, he called his parents to inform them of his preparation for wedding because he was coming home with his fiancée. His parents were so happy and preparation started immediately. Soon the wedding was over and it became the talk of the town because lots of dignitaries attended. The latest couple travelled back to Canada for their honeymoon, few hours to landing in Canada, they were involved in a crash, and all lives was lost.

The news went round and the Owotundes received it in disbelief, Mrs Owotunde became paralyzed as a result of the shock and Honourable who was hypertensive Died after being rushed to the hospital.

The End…


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