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Society vs Singleness

Are you one of those that cannot walk peacefully on the street without being worried about how much it’s going to be said about you either publicly or secretly?

An average single guy or lady who is of age to get married survives mockery from the family members, to the society at large. As if that is not enough, members of churches and mosques come up with regular and constant question of when are we meeting the lucky guy or lady? as the case may be. And you keep wondering if these ones are agents of monitoring spirit on your marital life.

I will say its absolute “No” over and over, they are playing the cultural role expected of them. The most shocking part is that they are perfectly ignorant of what singleness has to offer, and they are blind to see the blessings that exist in being single. My dear, if you are single, you are blessed. For those who are married, I say congratulations to you.

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment!                                                           Opera Winfrey

Blessings you don’t know exist in singleness

The greatest of all is that you have your time to yourself, If you ask me, I will say this is the most rated importance of being single. Don’t forget, time is money. With your time, you can make as much as possible wealth for yourself. If you are single and you are reading this, have you ever thought of starting something great with your time? This is your moment. The moment for you to get yourself fixed to something that will prepare you for that greater place, and a better partner.

Can you do the total estimation of how much you have spent on calls when you were in one relationship or the other? Can you calculate how much pain you have passed through because you need to keep a relationship at a point in the past? Trust me my dear, many that are in a relationship right now are begging to be like you again. Do I need to remind you how much time you have spent on thinking about someone who does not worth it back then? Why not begin to use that time to think about how you can make a change for yourself, your family, your generation and society as a whole.

This is also a moment you are expected to discover yourself, know yourself, identify yourself and love yourself. What do you understand about yourself? If not much, get focused on that in a time like this. I put this to you, do you love you? Do you love your hardworking nature? Do you love your determination in achieving any greater things? If no, you are only willing to be engaged or married, you are obviously not prepared.

Keys to Running Courtship

Courtship is a period when a man and a woman or a guy and a lady in a relationship decide to move their relationship forward towards marriage. It starts from when the parents of the two sides or their spiritual leaders as the case may be are aware of their relationship. It is quite different from dating because it entails planning and preparation towards a set goal


Listen carefully reader,

Keep yourself busy investing on who you are and what you can do. Learn how to survive, learn how to love you, and do yourself a favour by avoiding the distractions of those family members or friends, church or mosque members. You are you with your special timing. They are playing their cultural role, play yours by focusing on your goals and mission in life.

Being single is not the end of life, it’s the best part of your life that you have an unquestionable freedom and several thoughts to yourself. I ask u; who and what do you live for? If not for anyone or just anything, but for your God, yourself and your goals in life… I congratulate you as a single guy or lady.

The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves-                                                                         Shirley Maclaine

What you do with this moment, determines you in that forthcoming relationship. #WiseUp #WakeUp #ThinkRight.


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