How letting go helped my life

Our pretense during his sister's wedding

Episode 3

What a ridiculous act, I wasn’t really surprised at this time, I was getting used to his attitude, When I got to my hostel, I immediately dressed up, called a friend that I will be spending the night with her and from there to class the following morning. Chris called me severally that night, but I didn’t pick up, probably he must have checked me at home. I returned to the hostel the following evening and invited my friends to come over and save me from boredom.

I strolled out after they had left and I returned at night. On getting back to my hostel, I met Chris gisting with my neighbours, I joined them for a while in order not to make them suspicious of what’s going on. After few minutes, I excused myself and Chris followed me in immediately. I told him to back off or I will embarrass him in public. I told him I wasn’t moved with his mess and also told him that he’s going to regret his actions.

My parent’s wedding anniversary was fast approaching, it was around this time that Chris elder sister called me to inform me about her wedding ceremony and it was the same date with our event too, I told her I will be willing to assist her in any way she wants me, I called my parents to tell them I won’t be available for the anniversary because I have a text scheduled for that day. At this time, I go to his house more often making preparations for the event.

On the eve of the wedding, we had a party and at a time, we were paired to dance, of course l was paired with Chris I couldn’t remember the last time Chris and I Spoke with each other, but that very night, I acted like all was well between us…. I didn’t inform any of his people that it was over between us, so we were both paired to do most things together. I acted all through that night through the following morning as if nothing happened. When we got to church for the wedding (he’s been the one driving me up and down) he was so carried away that he called one of the photographers to give us a snapshot. (he forgot so soon) I immediately told him to call his girlfriends and snap with them. It was then he realized I wasn’t joking.

He was shocked by my response because he thought the fact that I’ve been dancing and playing around me we are back together (just like that?) He left my side and I hissed then looked for an angle to sit inside the church… At the reception we both served d couples friends and I intentionally glued myself to one of d grooms men that’s very lively. The guy thought I was also that lively but he didn’t know I was just using him as a tool to provoke my boyfriend.

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The wedding ended and I immediately told his parents that I was leaving for school that same night that I was just been informed of a test holding the following Monday. (I lied).. If I tarry more at their house…probably things could be sorted out and I never wanted it. The dad told him to quickly drop me at the park, we said no word to each other on our way to the park, when we got there, I was about opening the door when he called me, I didn’t allow him speak further before I got out of his car to reach for a bus to convey me to school. I got back to my hostel tired but fulfilled that I never compromised.

Chris called me that night to know if I have gotten to the hostel and I thanked him then dropped the call. The second day, he called me, I picked his call reluctantly. It seems Chris was surprised not only seeing me at his sister’s wedding but also contributing immensely to the success of the wedding. I could remember his mum introducing me to other relatives as “their wife”…I smiled and remained humble but deep inside, I knew they were deceiving themselves. Chris was feeling guilty I think, he called the third day asking after my wellbeing but I had already friend zoned him. I answered his questions like he was just a friend.

A month after the wedding, I finished my exams and travelled home, as at then I had started living my life as someone without commitment. I travelled home after the exam and that has been my usual practice. A week after I got home, I was sleeping when my dad came to my room that I’m having a visitor… I didn’t bother to ask who the visitor was; I just told him that I will attend to the person. I dressed up and was surprised when I got to the living room to find Chris seated comfortably.

I was taken aback because Chris was the last person I could think of. He stood up to greet me and while I stretch my hands to shake him, we talked and our conversation led to hot argument, I spoke angrily and I didn’t know when I talked about being in their house for a wedding when I was supposed to be at my parent’s event. My Dad who was outside heard this and called out my name immediately. I knew I was in for it already.

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