How letting go helped my life

Episode 2

Love is so sweet, I must confess. Chris and I started our love life and I began to enjoy him better than before. From the care, to the commitment, the affection, just name it. I felt there can never be any love sweeter than the one I was into. Months after, I got to know he was actually dating the lady he claimed was weak academically, but it was on a ‘low-key’ because she has low self-esteem. I felt so stupid and I confronted him with all evidences, he prostrated and told me the lady had issues with her boyfriend and while consoling the lady they got close and sex happened between them. Ever since then, the lady had been on his neck. I was happy, you would ask me why? I haven’t cheapened myself to him and secondly because he told me the truth (it’s hard to see a guy saying things exactly as it is).He begged me and I forgot about it.

Chris told me one day that he would be travelling to see a friend at a neighbouring institution and he will return after a week. I felt bad because I knew I would miss him. He left on Monday morning, and did call me at least four times each day to monitor my movement and ask after my wellbeing. He even calls at midnight. I had no reason to think he’s gone to see a lady friend, because he gives me all the attention needed, and of course I have heard him on several occasions speaking with that same friend. Chris returned on Friday and I was pleased to have him back to myself. He gave me a lot of gists about where he went and from all he said, there wasn’t any suspicion in it, I was actually not looking for any as it never crossed my mind.

The following week after Chris returned from where he went, I noticed on two occasions that he felt reluctant picking his calls whenever I’m around him, I read no meaning to it until one afternoon that he left his phone with me to charge for him when the light comes that he was going to church. Light came almost immediately when he left, I quickly plugged his phone. His phone rang severally but It’s not right for me to pick his calls, so I ignored the calls. A message came in thereafter and I read through. It was from a lady he introduced to me as his pastor’s daughter back home. The lady had been the one calling him and since he wasn’t picking, she sent a text to him thanking him for the time he spent with her and also reminding him on how they will celebrate their 5th year anniversary as lovers. I wasn’t myself anymore after I read that. I immediately deleted the message and composed myself. He branched at my place on his way from church to pick his phone, I never reacted to what I saw, I just told him I needed to sleep that I will be having a test the following day. He stayed with me for a while and left for his place.

After he had left, I cried profusely not because I was really surprised about what happened but the best way I express my grievances is by crying it out. After a while I wiped out my tears and concluded to remain calm till I have enough evidences against him but I also made up my mind to be very careful with him at least I have nothing to lose. Days and months passed by, Chris realized little drawbacks from me, he asked me what led to the changes but I told him I never changed that he should check himself. Ever since that time, I became suspicious to whatever he does in fact I take every slightest chance I had to check through his phone. I was just compounding my issues doing that though.

One evening, Chris came to my place and was trying to persuade me to speak out my mind about him, I told him I had nothing against him, it’s just one of my mood swings, not until he told me that he loved me and cannot for any reason cheat on me. Hearing that triggered the anger in me and that was when I voiced out and almost hit him, he was surprised with my reaction and immediately left my place.

I felt stupid for not being able to control my anger, and I concluded within me that it was over between us. Chris didn’t reach me for two days after the incident, I felt a slight relief within me, but on the third day, he came around and asked for the reason behind my action the last time, I told him about the message I read in his phone and how much he has deceived me. He was shocked about it and he knelt down begging me to forgive him that he was actually dating the girl but his mum had refused their relationship because they are of the same genotype and it’s a bit hard for them to part ways. I started crying and I told him he should have explained all to me than playing on my intelligence. I told him I can’t go on with him unless the lady is finally out of his life. He promised to sort things out but I should promise him not to allow anyone in, till he mends his ways…. (what do I expect from a player, he wouldn’t want anything happen to what belongs to him)

Three months later, Chris invited me to his parent and introduced me as his girlfriend. The mum was very welcoming and our conversations were like we have met for years. She asked if I’m willing to marry his son, I said yes but he’s having a girlfriend. The mother told me instantly that she will never allow his son to marry their pastor’s daughter. Hearing this, I felt a great relief at least I now have the mother’s support, what else do I need? (Virtually all ladies want their relationship with a guy to end up in marriage) human purposes and God disposes

My visit to Chris home gave me a lot of confidence that I have been fully accepted. As a result of this, I didn’t bother to pester him concerning the lady’s issues again. When Chris got to 400level, I realized a lot of changes in him; the distance was just too much. One evening I chose to go to his place to check on him and ask what the problem was, I knocked on the door severally and eventually the door was opened, I was about saying I was sorry for disturbing his sleep when I peeped inside his room and saw a lady lying on his bed half naked. I immediately excused myself and ran to my hostel. The lady on my boyfriend’s bed was the lady living in the same hostel with me, we came from the same place, she calls me her big sister and she just secured her pre-degree admission into our school, No wonder Chris stopped coming to my hostel.

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