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Still in the mood of the celebration of Nigeria Independence @58, it is necessary we look at Nigeria of today which has been widely known for being affected by retrogressive growth in the economy and this has constituted the incongruity of the nation among some other countries in Africa – to say in the world will be quite superfluous. This retrogression is caused mainly by the heterogeneity in culture of the nation and religion divergence. Among others but not limited to: political instability, poor governance, inaptitude of western culture into the system. The cultural heterogeneousness and religion divergence as said earlier will be the chosen indicators in this piece, highlighting the instances of affection wherein feasible solution will be discussed.

Brief Historical Background

Easily traced to the period of amalgamation under the governance of Lord Frederick Lugard in the year 1914, Nigeria has been known to be comprised of three major tribes from three regions; northern region (The Hausa/Fulanis), eastern region (The Ibos) and western region (The Yorubas). Since the amalgamation, misunderstanding has been between these three tribes long before independence, based on the intellectual strength of each region which we still keep abreast till date. This assertion was evidenced by the Kano riot of 1957 which was propelled by the movement of self-rule that was gone against by a representative of the northern region in the rendezvous. The cultural difference should not have been a barrier to our economic development but tribalism in governance speaks of this.

Issues and Way-out

The said problem about cultural differences under ‘brief historical background’ is also seen in religions. It is undisputable that the constitution gives room for every citizen to join the religious association of their choice (Article 38i, Nigeria 1999 Constitution as amended) but it has never been enacted that people of different religions should be maligning nor put in woeful carnage one another in the spirit of winning souls for God. Do they have this in their scriptures? The development that is being strived to reach by the political leaders cannot be availed in our own disunity. How can people of different goals be directed and led in the same path? Without running on the same track, how do we get to the same endpoint? We cannot get to the same destination of no multiple routes.

These above enumerated problems facing the Nigeria of today are never permanent but interim issues which steps can still be traced and make aright. The said solutions that will be provided for these will also be deduced from what has been said. One good thing we need in the country to erect and keep flying the pole and flag of our great nation irrespective of culture or religion towards development is unity. Unity will come in place when we love one another irrespective of tribe and religion as none of the tribal, cultures and religions in the nation ever go against love. We libel one another today in the absence of love. We slay one another in lack of atomic sense of humanity. When there is unity in the country, government will not find it difficult to direct the affairs of the populace. The quote “go on your lane and let me go on mine” will extinct. Then, humanitarianism will be restored. Grudges will become things of the past. Then we ascend the ladder of the long longed development to make for the country a better place.


This piece tries to look into how genuine change can emanate from our individual mindset into the society for the betterment of all. I will like to charge us all as an individual to see this unity as an individualistic duty. If we can all think right from this point, we can all walk the journey of growth at a time. “United we stand, divided we fall” Let’s all pick up the sinking Nation together to have a quick safety of our tomorrow.



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