How letting go helped my life

A true life story of a lady who made a choice of letting go and finally got what belongs to her.

Letting go is always an open option for you always. I mean unmarried people. If you have tried and seems hard, why not take a bow and walk away for good days ahead. At least I did it and it’s a great decision for me. It wont be easy or fun, but it worth trying to get your happiness.

I have a story to share:

I grew into a loving lady, who cared for everyone irrespective of the age and gender, although I get pissed off whenever any of my male friends ask me out, I hate it whenever a guy confesses his love to me. I nurtured this feeling even till I gained admission into a higher institution. My first semester as an undergraduate was interesting as all I did was read, gist, meet new friends and was living my life as a novice.

Few months after my stay in the university, I met a guy living adjacent my room, his name is Chris. He approached me and commended me for my seriousness and my attitude towards academics and would like to mentor me further. I was happy meeting a guy who cares so much about my academics. Chris was a 300 level student of Business Administration, while I was a 100 level student in the same Department. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, Chris and I became reading partners and we also attended the same fellowship. I must confess he really helped me better on how to read and pass without stress.

One evening, Chris was in my room, reading on the table while I was also reading on my bed. I had a strange feeling and I looked up to see what could have been the reason behind it, I saw Chris staring at me in an unusual way, our eyes met but he was deeply lost in thought. I was scared because I had never seen him looked at me in such manner. He walked slowly towards me and knelt beside me on the bed, holding my hands and looking straight into my eyes, confessing that he really loves me and wants us to redefine our friendship. I was short of words and confused at the same time, this was the least I expected from Chris and at the same time, I did not want to loose him as a friend. When he noticed I was not saying anything, he rose, packed his books and left for his room. I quickly shut my door and took a deep breathe. I had always seen him as a friend who has become part of my family.

The following morning, I couldn’t look straight into Chris face when I saw him, I felt uncomfortable with him. He held my hands and told me he was sorry but he meant what he said the previous day and had to voice out because he could not keep it to himself anymore. I just stood there, staring at him with my mouth sealed, after a while, he let go off my hand because I was already late for class.

That very day when I returned from class, I called him to know if he was in his room that I would like to see him, he said he would be around in the evening, he came knocking at my door later that day and I told him I liked him as a friend that he should take the relationship off his mind. He appreciated my response and told me there’s no problem and that nothing changes about us.

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I was a bit relieved that Chris was not bent on going out with me anymore. As time went on, Chris and I got back to our normal reading zone, gist partners, school father and daughter. His classmates were always at his place for one reason or the other, you know guys and cohabitation even when his female friends come around with one assignment or the other I am not moved because I don’t have any soft spot for him, and since I am not ready to date him, I shouldn’t be jealous seeing those that are ready and willing to be around him. Frankly speaking, Chris is a tall, fair, friendly, caring, handsome guy and he is devoted in his own way.

I noticed a particular lady, also his classmate who always visits him more than others, I asked Chris about the lady and he told me that she is weak academically and that’s why she comes often, so that he can tutor her. Towards the end of my first year, Chris revisited his wishes towards me, he told me he couldn’t do without me any longer and the only way he could ignite the feeling was for us to be in a relationship. I declined and he walked away slowly. I couldn’t bear it seeing him walk away again (it was then I realised and admitted that I was in love with him, even though I’ve never expressed it). I finally agree to be his girlfriend, and we were both happy seeing our friendship growing into relationship.

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