Innovation: Kenya boy uses hand sanitizer without touching (See Video)

A kenya boy uses hand sanitizer  without touching. He performs the activities using his legs to get sanitizer and water  in order to stay properly safe from covid19.

This development has gotten the attentions of many on social media. It expresses how Africans can be so innovative and creative if the government can create a conducive environment for all. Instead, Africans depend on imported products.

Abuga Makori, a revolutionary socialist, through his twitter handle @o_abuga challenges the government to work on encouraging  home made products. He says Kenya education should focus on skills to reduce importation of FAKE products.

“We’ve innovative minds in Kenya. If our education focuses on skills, and GoK makes proper investment on it, we wont be depending on FAKE imports from China. Corruption, tribalism and immature politics have overridden everything. #RutosMurdersVSCorona #NaivasKilimani”, Abuga Makori.

Click to see video.


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