Medical robot to help health workers fight coronavirus

A medical robot which is expected to help health workers fight coronavirus under proper safety of their health has been invented by Malaysian scientists, International Islamic University Malaysia.

The robot <barrel-shaped on wheel> is designed to move round the hospital wards.

The robot –Medibot- is a 1.5 metre tall (five foot). It is expected to help communicate with the patients with the camera and screen attached to the robot.

With the robot; checking of patients’ temperature can be done remotely, as well as help social distancing possible. This was made known to AFP by Zilkifli Zainal Abidin, a member of the team behind the invention.

Medibot-built by Malaysian Scientists.

The robot is not yet in the market, as it is expected to be tried in the institution’s hospital soon. Zulkifi said it does not treat the virus, only assists the doctors and nurses in carrying out their duties.

If that proves a success, the scientists hope it can be used in government hospitals where people with COVID-19 are sent.


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