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Australians Aren’t Really Happy With Either of Their Choices For Leader, But They Have To Vote Anyway

Arrogant. Uninspiring. Out of touch. These are just some of the ways that Australian voters have described both of their prospective prime ministers in polls ahead of Saturday’s national election.

Australia doesn’t really like either its Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, or Opposition Labor leader Bill Shorten. In surveys of who would make a better leader, a full quarter of Australians can’t even pick between the two.

But with Australia one of the few countries in the world to have compulsory voting, they have to cast their ballot for someone on Saturday, which experts are saying could lead to a record third-party vote.

More than anything else, amid a merry-go-round of prime ministers and a lack of leadership, Australians are just fed up with both major parties, former Liberal Party leader John Hewson told CNN.

“Basically both parties are self-absorbed, scoring points on each other, inside the party or between parties, so basically all the big issues have just been left adrift,” he said.

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