Ilesa Youths Celebrate Oyetola’s Victory in Their Large Numbers

Shortly after nullifying the outcome of Tribunal and declared Oyetola as the winner of the September, 2018 Governorship election in Osun State, Ilesa youths trooped out in their large numbers to celebrate his victory.

The jubilation cut across all streets of Ilesa as it occurs from different angles of the town. Market women at the popular roundabout of Ilesa joined the youths in songs and chants of victory.

In an interview with Brain Trust Hub, Abosede Oluwaseun (aka) Safety said he was not surprise with the outcome of the judgment as it was obvious that the Tribunal did not pass through due process in the course of making its judgment.

“I am not surprise. We can recall that the last judgment experienced heavy turnout of people to tell the world that such judgment was a jankara judgment that cannot stand”

“People understood the fact that there is no way someone can build something on nothing. How come the Tribunal turn themselves to mathematicians deducting and adding up votes, doing the work of INEC” He said

In the same vein, Olaniyi (aka) Neyo said if the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) like, they should proceed to the Supreme Court, Oyetola will still win them over again.

“PDP should be informed that the higher they go in this constitutional battle, the more it will be difficult for them. It is obvious that Oyetola is the rightful owner of the given mantle by the general public” He said.

Also, Aderemi (aka) Hegemony affirmed the fact that the voice of man is the voice of God and the voice of God is the voice of man. The general public spoke September, 2018 and now the interest has been upheld by the Appeal court again. He advised the PDP or Ademola Adeleke not to even think of wasting their resources anymore.

They all assured the general public of continuity of the good governance and described Oyetola as the governor of the people in songs and jubilation.


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