Ataoja of Osogbo Land Alleged of Stealing Osun’s Statute

The Ataoja of Osogbo land accused to have stolen Osun-Osogbo statute and sold it to Togo for a huge sum of money.

According to a report by BBC Yoruba, the allegation was made known by both the Baba Osun, Oloye Adigun Iyanda and Iya Osun, Oloye Ọṣunkẹmi Ọṣunwẹdẹ that the King sold the statute for the sum of 15million Naira. It was only retrieved as the statute could no longer be moved at the airport. In the allegation, it was said that the king among some other were involved in the crime.

The king, HRM Oyetunji Ọlanipẹkun during his interview with BBC Yoruba cleared the air that it was an absolute lie and nothing was real about the allegation. As a matter of fact, the statute is in the palace and by the virtue of culture, he can and he is not allowed to set his eyes on it.

In the discussion of Iyalode, Oloye Awawu asindẹmade said the king did not sell any of the Osun Osogbo’s property of any kind.

Araba of Osogbo, Oloye Ifayẹmi Ẹlẹbuibọn said he has heard about the accusation far before now and investigation is ongoing already. According to him, “If the allegation is true, it will definitely bring a set back to the entire Osogbo land”


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