Exclusive Interview with Leye Odetoyinbo

Leye Odetoyinbo is a son of Osogbo land from Oloba’do’s compound. He has HND in Estate Management from the Polytechnic Ibadan. “I chose to venture into marketing in the early stage of my career and that gave me the opportunity to work in companies such as Procter & Gamble as a Sales Executive and Doyin Group of Companies as a Field Sales Manager” He said. He equally set up his Real Estate Firm in Osogbo in 2008.

Leye Odetotinbo is presently contesting for the seat of honourable in the Osun State House of Assembly, to represent Olorunda State Constituency. Below are the interaction between him and  Brain Trust Hub.

Are you in any way related to the popular Odetoyinbo in Osogbo?

Yes. I am the 6th child of Late Barrister Stephen Adekunle Odetoyinbo of Oloba’do’s compound, Osogbo.

What led you into politics? At least you have a good profession and from a wealthy family as far as I know the name though.

Politics is a calling for me. My life mission and dream is to help people, especially the less privileged and God has called me into politics to fulfill that dream.

It’s no more news that you are contesting to have a seat in Osun State House of Assembly. The question is, why House of Assembly considering how people describe them as being dogmatic for almost 8 years now?

To make an impact on one’s immediate environment as a politician, one needs to aspire to be a Ward Counselor, Council Chairman or a member of the house of assembly. They are the closest to the grassroots. I chose house of assembly because it is the best choice for me. I have been a Senior Special Assistant to the Governor two times between 2013 & 2018 and testimonies abound all over of the impact we made on the people during that period. So for me, the next step is the house of assembly, it’s one step at a time. Did you say dogmatic? Mark my words, that era is over! A new era is starting as from May 29, 2019 when I and people of my likes will assume power in that house by the grace of God.

Do you see your father’s integrity helping you to win the election?

It should, I leave that to God and with Osogbo natives and dwellers

Let’s say you win, what do your fans, supporters and the general public stand to gain?

Honesty, transparency in governance, availability  and accessibility for my people i.e  open door policy, youth productive engagement and empowerment and women empowerment, among other things.

I wish you well Mr Odetoyinbo, but let’s say you loose, what will you do?

Back to the basics! God forbid though.

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Wow, what do you have to tell your people out there?

I Implore all Olorunda eligible voters to look beyond political party and cast their votes for integrity and hope embedded in me, Leye Odetoyinbo. I am contesting under the platform of Action Democratic Party(ADP), the positive change you have earnestly desired in Olorunda is here. My governance will be one with a distinct difference, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN. I have been doing it, support me to do more. We have suffered enough casting our votes for political parties and biting our fingers afterwards, let’s shift our attention to personality. Time to do things differently is now!!! I can assure you all of my 100% commitment to your welfare and concerns when voted in by the grace of God.

I thank you all most sincerely, God bless.


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