My journey; Chemical Engineering graduate, to being a conductor and now a comedian—Princewill (cfrn)

Odeh Ajiri Princewill, popularly known as Princewill originated from Delta state. He spent his academic life throughout Delta state. Primary to secondary school was in Warri and went further to the Delta State University, graduated from Chemical Engineering Department, 2012.

“My journey into comedy industry started when I left Warri to Lagos State, lived under the bridge and became a conductor there for period of times” He said. During his work as a conductor, a passenger told him to leave the job and go into comedy. He identified  Emeka Smith and Mc Pato as the men who helped him with the information of AY open mic comedy challenge which made him came out second behind Acapela in the 2016 comedian show….Won Opra Williams national challenge in Lagos state…..


As for Princewill’s challenges in the industry, he stated that the only major challenge he can point to is loyalty and seniority drama in the industry as he is not ready to bow unnecessarily. He explained that where he came from, respect is given based on impact people have on others, unlike where everyone is looking for favour and tends to respect others because they have money in pocket. He noted that he have several issues with his seniors in the industry when he got into the industry at first, though he respect those who deserve it.

….Comedy for him started in 2010, though with uncountable events in the past …..

He stated, comedy pays my bill and as far as I’m concern, an average young comedian makes more money than a banker, as long as one is good at what he does.

Responding to the lives of comedians offstage, he said comedians are in most cases like the way they are on stage. Though, comedians may be quiet when they are with people outside except from colleagues because talking is what pays their bills. But comedians are always more playful and noisy when they are with one another. My personality offstage and in the absence of my colleagues, I am a book person. I am also a business man. I am building a business in transportation aside, though comedy pays my bills for now.

Support from family in the case of Princewill is not an exception from most celebrities. He said his family was never in support of comedy initially, especially his father, support started coming not until when he started making money. “By the grace of God, I have gotten my mother a car under this job”. Being determined and fighting hard in doing what you find yourself doing matters a lot.

He appreciated his fans for the support thus far and promised his fans a promising 2019. He seized the opportunity to announce that there will be a movie production in the year 2019 and promised to make it a must watch for every home. He also registered 

his love for his instagram followers and planed doing more instagram skit this year.

As for Princewill, he is single and according to him, “finding the real match has not been an easy task for me”

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