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Supreme Kegite Club International

History of The Supreme Kegite Club and Coronation of Ilya du Chalk.

History of Supreme Kegite Club

Supreme Kegite club international can be traced back to 1962 with 13 students in the then Nigeria College of Arts, Sciences and Technology. The 13 students always gather themselves together every evening to relax after the stressful day of school activities. 

The 13 students became the executive and periodically donate palm wine for all to drink and enjoy. The gathering was then named “Palm wine drinkers club”,  and addressed every member as “palm-mate”. As events unfold itself, there were lots of reformation as the club annual chiefesis conference yearly discussed the progress of the club. The name was later changed to Kegite club, and now THE SUPREME KEGITE CLUB INTERNATIONAL. Members are recognized as; comrade, fellow, etc.

Mysteries of Igbo Olodumare

The first chief was (Lt) Prof. Olusegun Adeshina. The group had its first female member (Opeke) in person of L.S.F Dukpe Ajayi in 1968. In the year 1974, the club started spreading to other schools in Nigeria with Ilya Du Tractor (Federal College of Agriculture, Akura, Ondo State) as the first Ilya to get the Keg of office from world headquarter (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife).

Among the several codes given to several stages of higher institutions in Nigeria, Ilya Du Chalk is the name given to all colleges of Education when it first started. Later, some Ilyasis changed their names. For example, Ilya du chalk, Oyo (St. Andrew’s College of Education) changed to Ilyu SACOED and later changed to Ilya du Atiba till date. But among all, only Osun State College of Education, Ilesa retained the name of Ilya du chalk throughout the whole galaxy.

Aqua Fresh to order in National life and World life

Coronation of Ilya du Chalk (Osun State College of Education, Ilesa)

Supreme Kegite club international of Osun State college of Education, Ilesha (Ilya du Chalk) was established in the same year that the institution was established. Since inception, Ilya du chalk has been up and doing by involving themselves in all institutional programs such as; gyrating on Matriculations and convocations events like any other active kegite club of other institutions.

The just concluded Keg year under the leadership of XY Chalk (Butrus Onosi Mathew) recorded mass transformation twice, and lecturers were also fellowrized. His tenure experienced the support of the institution Provost in person of Professor Kolawole Kazeem who is also a kegite club member (methuselah world chief).

The llya had her coronation and it brought in a new AB Chief of the Ilya on the 13th of December, 2018. The new keg year is a promising one according to what the new chief tagged his keg year, “Chiefo du achiever”.

AB Chalk 2017/2018 (Chief Butrus Matthew)
Methuselah Chief Wale Oyewole-Adimula-(6th Chief of Ilya du Chalk)
Processional Order for the Coronation








Fact about the goddess of wealth (Orisa Aje)

Uniqueness of Kegite club

  1. It is a social cultural club promoting African unity and world peace.
  2. It is a registered organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria
    Newly coronated AB Chalk 2018/2019

3. It has remained one supreme club with branches in almost all institutions of higher learning both within and beyond the shore of Nigeria. Ilya du Queen in the University of London, United Kingdom, and Ilya Pojab in India.

4. The AB chief is the head of the club in all Ilyasis and always in charge of accepting new members into the club.

5. The club members include prominent Nigerians and foreigners. Examples are; Lt. Professor Olusegun Adeshina (1st Chief), (Entity) grand patron olusegun obasanjo (former president of Nigeria) Pa. Peter Fatomilola, patron Rotimi Akeredolu (Governor of Ondo State), Julius Inyerere and the likes.

6. The club has universal language that can only be decoded by members of the club.

7. Unique dressing (Regalia & capito) is based on the design given to each Ilyasis. E.t.c

Left side (on green) is the World Chief, right side (pn white) is the National life, and at the middle is XY Chalk

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