Who Was Cindy Okafor Before BBNaija?

Cindy Nkeiruka Okafor, also known as Cee Rainbow originated from Imo State, Orlu local government in the Eastern part of Nigeria, she had her Primary and Secondary school in Abia State, and capped it up with a certificate of B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the Abia State University. In a conversation with Brain Trust Hub, she discussed her multi-talent, her journey so far and uncovers her plans for the next three months.

As a graduate of Biochemistry, what led you into music?

Well music has been my passion. Something I find much pleasure doing, I can say It’s my life, in fact, when I breathe, I breathe in and out music (smiles). I’m happy I’m into music though.

You are a three in one professional; Model, Dancer and an Artist. How do you cope with them?

As for modeling, I modeled back in school a lot, after school days, modeling brought me down to Lagos State. I am partnering with a company called De-Noble Isaac limited to present a mega pageant called African Beauty and Brain Pageant. We are into pageant shows which takes place annually and it has been happening for the past four years in a row, this year’s will be held on from the 11th to 15th (Grand Finale) of December at Ikeja, Lagos.

As for dancing, It’s just in me and what I do with that is to tutor people (models, vixens etc), I have worked with a lot of artists, so I provide some of them with dancers and vixens for there music videos. But My ultimate loved for music, I thinks takes the top notch for me.

As an artist, have you produced any work or have you featured in any?

Majorly, I have been more of a background artist, apart from some signed artists under my record label who feature me once in a while. But, I am now fully prepared to be in the open and get my music out so you all should anticipate (smiles).

Among the three professions you carry, which do you prefer most and why?

I will say the singing part got me. I said it earlier, I have passion for it. Music is my life, others are just to express my gift and make use of them…Smiles

Where do you see yourself with your music in the next five years?

Hmmm, I wish my music goes to the top and probably have a couple of awards to myself and should have gone global on a bigger platform featuring a lot of top artists for my music. Help me God.

Any challenge so far?

Absolutely yes, I have been through lots of challenges especially the financial challenge. It has not been easy, I actually started these whole things by myself, without anyone to help me, so I was really fighting and doing the best I could. Thanks to the moral support I got from my family and friends, it was a great deal they offered me. The absence of that moral support is enough to kill it all. Despite all odds, here we are now, doing great at least well off than how I started. Thanks to God!

Is there anything loading for your fans?

Cee Rainbow entertainment radio is coming up soon called Ceerent radio, it’s almost ready and should be out in some days, it’s an online radio. I am actually creating a platform for people to share whatever they have; their career, skills, and business, the website will soon be ready, coupled with the application which will be made available for download both online and via Google Play store,its going to be a bomb and official announcements will be made soon so follow up @Ceerainbowentertainment so you don’t Miss it in a couple of days.

Cee Rainbow entertainment TV is coming up too and it will be ready probably by December, will be in partnership with Rave TV and will also involve our YouTube channel (Cee Rainbow Entertainment TV); we shall be doing some interviews there as well.

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There is another project coming up next year, it is called “Miss Global Beauty Plus Brain Pageant”. This pageantry has been designed with the sole aim of empowering our youths both financially, emotionally, morally and otherwise, which we believe will help bring up entrepreneurs and obviously encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in our youths today. Presently we have a couple of sponsors on ground and it might get to a point where some sponsors will make us an official partner but right now, I will say it’s solely a Cee Rainbow Entertainment operations, all coming up by Mid next year.

Finally, Cee Rainbow Entertainment production, that’s the biggest project we have at hand and it will also be on by December, 2018. I have shot a lot of videos for people but not as Cee Rainbow, I partnered with other production companies, but right now we have gotten all the human resources we need, all the equipments for shooting movies, music videos, documentaries etc. its going to be banging on your TV screen, social media networks by December 12th or early January 2019. God help me.

As a graduate of Biochemistry, and a musician, what advice do you have for the youths especially those who have similar calling like yours?

Yea, I will say if you have a strong passion for something, just go for it, don’t do it because someone else is doing it, do it because it makes you happy, follow your heart. No one promises a smooth road, but a sweet destination awaits you.

I will like to say this to all my fans out there… thanks for the support, the likes, the beautiful comments, and your observations on my social media pages. Without you, who am I? I want you to do it for me again, download a single released by Mr Zazzy, he was signed in last month under my record label (Cee Rainbow Entertainment), just released new single called “Kele” featuring myself. Kindly download the track below and enjoy the great lyrics. And a very great thanks to Brain Trust Hub. Let’s all make it together to the top. Thank you.

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