Dirty Linen I

Episode 1

Familusi, Taiwo

Tade parked the car and ran into the sitting room breathing heavily and sweating profusely; his mother looked at him in bewilderment and asked what the problem was. Mum, Tade said “I was involved in a fight with a course mate, I pushed him angrily and he hit his head on the wall, he gave up on the way to the school clinic, the police came to my Department in search of me, I escaped through the back gate”.

“Calm down Tade”, his mother told him, she looked at honourable who had been listening to their conversation, he looked away immediately. She asked Tade to go and relax in his room and ordered the house help to get him something to eat.

I will not have you and your son spoil the name I have been building for long, I expected him to be well behaved as the only son, but he moves around causing one trouble or the other, this is the third institution he has attended so far, yet there’s nothing to show for it. Tade’s mother went sober and started pleading that he should do something about it quickly.

Shola who had been in his room all this while, heard the conversation and was so sad, how could Tade have brought himself into another mess again was the thought on his mind, he had been staying with them for over four years now, after the death of his parents, Honourable Owotunde happens to be his father’s immediate younger brother. He wish he had the same opportunity Tade had but Mrs Owotunde never liked him, so he had to register as an apprentice in a mechanic workshop, after his third attempt to gain admission into the university, Mrs Owotunde convinced her husband and Shola’s admission process was put to an halt.

The next day, the news was everywhere that Tade, a 300L student of Anatomy is wanted for the murder of his course mate, his Parents had already planned his trip to Canada without delay the previous night, so he left the next morning.

On their way to the Airport, his mother smiled at him and said “Son you have nothing to worry about, be safe at Canada and don’t put yourself into more troubles, you can see your father is already giving up on you” Tade nodded and his mother patted him on his back.

Mrs Owotunde was just stepping out of the car in the compound when a police van drove in, is this the residence of Honourable Owotunde? Mrs Owotunde nodded in affirmation, yes, how may I help you?

We are here to see Mr Owotunde Olatade, we want to invite him to our station for a brief interrogation, Mrs Owotunde Pointed at Shola who was resting on the balcony, the policemen moved towards him and ordered him into the van, he was shocked but couldn’t utter any statement.

To be continued….


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