Interview: Movie Industry is Not for Females at Their Teens if They Want to Go Far in Life-Iwalewa

Bello Ifedolapo Ayomipo, a fast growing actress in the Nollywood discloses her position on  young girls being involved in acting. “I personally don’t encourage ladies at their teens as the movie industry is meant for the mature minded”. She said.

Bello Ifedolapo Ayomipo, popularly known as Iwalewa hails from ile-ife, Osun State. She had her secondary education at Araromi Ologbo Senior Secondary School, Badary, Lagos State. And proceeded to the College of Education, Ilesa, Osun State where she studied Economics/Mathematics. She is presently a student of the premier University of Ibadan.

Who/what inspired you to become an actress?

I will say, ‘who’ saw ‘what’ in me and the ‘who’ became my major motivator (Smiles). The ‘who’ is a friend of mine who saw the ‘what’ which is my talent and charged me up like, Iwalewa, do you know you are really going to make a great name in acting? You know friends things now, day after days, and week after weeks I started thinking about it and boom, here we are now.

How long have you been into acting?

I have been into acting for 4 years now, and it has been a great experience.

Who do you look up to in the movie industry?    

I don’t know how this will sound, but the fact is I do not have anyone in particular I am looking up to. That does not deny the fact that I respect my ‘ogas at the top’ in the industry. The point is, I have just decided to be guided by myself. Taking guides from people because they have actually made it sometimes to me is a limitation to fulfilling me. I am just me, and always trusting God to get to places. But trust me; I respect those I met in the industry and even some new ones. I am learning from them all, but am not just being dogmatic.

Have you ever worked with any famous actor or actress?

Absolutely yes, I have been privileged to work with Damola Olatunji, Bose Anjola, Kola Oyewo, in fact those are the first set of ‘ogas’ that I worked with including Kenny White in the movie titled ‘Iran mi’ (My Vision).

What do you do at your leisure time?

I can’t really say, because am a very busy type. All I do with my leisure time is busy making money (Smiles). If I am not in location, I will be presenting, because I am also a presenter, I present for Awoko TV and Edun TV. If I am not at any of the above, I am busy with my business (I am also into business), and don’t forget I am still a student. So, maybe I should say I rest at my leisure time with sleep. Smiles

What are your hobbies?

Hmmmn, I am a good cook. As a matter of fact, catering was my major area of concentration before I picked a career in the movie industry.  I love singing too, and dancing.


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What is your position to the idea of female being harassed sexually before they can be well known in the movie industry?

I think this is a very important question that needs critical clarification. To be sincere, the movie industry is an industry with mature minded people. I do not have the experience of any one compelling me for sexual harassment or making it a condition before I got to where I am today. That does not mean no one ever asked me out. All you see are the actors and actress, many people are always on locations, hundreds are behind the camera. Any of them can ask you out, it’s for you to say yes or no.  It must be emphasized too, one should work diligently and know what she carries, if you have the quality they need for a role, my dear, they will look for you and accord you your respect. And with the help of God, you will get there.

Any advice for those aspiring to be in the industry?

My sincere advice is, go get your certificate, preferably study Dramatic Art. This is going to expose you to what acting is all about. Very few people can key into any roles on stage, but it’s so much easy for those with the academic background on the field. Secondly, have a value. Anyone coming into the movie industry needs to be unique. The industry is a gathering of intellectuals and people from different backgrounds. It’s good to be mature enough and have value in other to live peacefully, successfully and freely in the industry. I personally don’t encourage ladies at their teens as the movie industry is meant for the mature minded.

Bello Ifedolapo Ayomipo, popularly known as Iwalewa has featured in the following movies;

Iran mi (My Vision)

Kuti Atiba


Ajitanawo, and so on.


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